Walking Dead Star Wants to Play Batgirl

Katelyn Nacon Batgirl

The Walking Dead star Katelyn Nacon reveals she would love to join the DC Extended Universe and play Batgirl in a planned solo movie.

Joss Whedon began development of the project last year, but abruptly left in February, saying he couldn't come up with a story. With Christina Hodson now attached to write the script, and the character is also rumored to appear in the Margot Robbie-lead Birds of Prey, fans are still waiting to learn who will play Barbara Gordon. So, is Nacon the heroine Gotham needs?

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When one fan asked Nacon on Twitter what kind of superhero she would like to play, the 18-year-old responded, "Omg I want batgirl."

Whedon had said he might cast someone unknown as Batgirl, but no one knows whether those are Warner Bros.' plans. Nacon may be a particularly young choice to play Barbara Gordon, but if the standalone movie and Birds of Prey are set to be origin stories, it could work.

Nacon has had minor roles in Resurrection and Adult Swim's Too Many Cooks, but she is best known for playing Enid on The Walking Dead. AMC's zombie drama is no stranger to the DCEU, with both Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan having played Martha and Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Morgan has said he would love to return as Thomas Wayne if the DCEU were to tackle a Flashpoint storyline, so maybe he can put in a good word for Nacon. As for Nacon, she can next be seen in Season 9 of The Walking Dead, where Enid is confirmed to have a larger role.

Only last year, Nacon spoke about superheroes, highlighting the likes of Batgirl and Teen Titans' Raven as some of her top choices and regretting that she missed out on playing Rachel Roth in the upcoming Titans TV series.

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