Batgirl Joins "Birds of Prey" Full Time

For any fans of DC Comics premier female fighting team, the public wonder over whether their most recognizable founder would sign on for a tour of duty in the New 52 is over. DC revealed today via its The Source blog that Batgirl will join the team officially in next month's issue #4.

"Sure, Barbara Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl) was reluctant at first," writer Duane Swierczynski said in a teaser-filled statement. "She didn't necessarily want to be hanging out with a gang of outlaws...and she has serious doubts about at least one member of team. But to Batgirl, friendship trumps everything, and you'll see exactly how she finds her way to a permanent spot on the team in issues #4 and 5."

The news comes after an earlier tease hit about the character's guest-starring in the book. At that time, fans wondered whether or not Barbara Gordon would mesh well with the tea when "Batgirl" writer Gail Simone appeared to not be entirely on board with the plan.

Whatever issues were in place, they seem to be passed as Swierczynski spoke to his over-arching plans for the Birds who are currently embroiled in a number of identity-threatening adventures. "Black Canary, Starling and Katana can't show their faces in public," the writer said on The Source. "That's because they're outlaws to one degree or another. Dinah Lance (a.k.a. Black Canary) is wanted for murder. The rumor is she killed a dude with a single punch, but the truth is far darker and stranger than that. Evelyn Crawford (a.k.a. Starling) is wanted by at least six different intelligence organizations for knowing too much about how the world really works. How did she land in this predicament? Well, wait until you meet her Uncle Earl-a former spy who raised her, and also tries to kill her every now and again. (He has Alzheimer's). And finally, Tatsu Yamashiro (a.k.a. Katana) is wanted by Japan's National Police Agency for her blood-splattered mission of vengeance against the Yakuza for killing her husband. Criminal profilers in her country think she's insane because she believes the soul of her husband resides in her sword. Thing is, her own teammates aren't so sure, either."

He also noted that traditional non-team player Poision Ivy "is still very much a dedicated eco-terrorist, targeting the people and corporations that mess with Mother Earth. So why's she hanging out with a bunch of do-gooders like Black Canary and Batgirl (who doesn't like, trust, and really even tolerate Ivy)? Pretty soon-say, around issue #5-you're going to see that Ivy has a little side deal going on. Her enhanced biosuit amplifies her metahuman powers to an insane degree, but also comes at a price. And wait until you see how she plans on paying the tab."

For more on this move, check out "The Source" and stay tuned for more on the future of "Birds of Prey" on CBR!

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