Batgirl #47

Story by
Art by
Eleonora Carlini, Moritat
Colors by
Serge Lapointe
Letters by
Steve Wands
Cover by
DC Comics

Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and guest artists Eleonora Carlini and Moritat pick up right where the previous issue left off in "Batgirl" #47, with Batgirl trying to figure out why she's supposedly the person who turned in someone she'd promised not to. What seems like a simple enough investigation turns up something much larger, as Batgirl is besieged on all sides, including ones she didn't even think to look.

What's nice is that, even as Batgirl, Spoiler, Bluebird and Frankie enact a plan to sneak into the GCPD, there's a larger plot rolling at the same time. For the moment, it feels like Stewart and Fletcher have laid some hints on who's messing with Barbara's memories, although time will tell if this is true or not. What's nice is that it's played fairly subtle, and the existing explanation could just as easily be a red herring. Until then, though, it's fun to speculate about a villain who can rewrite Barbara's recollections in her sleep.

The team-up with Spoiler and Bluebird is the high point of the issue. The three have such a fun give-and-take that it makes you want to see these guest-stars return before long. Bluebird's wry approach is not just a balance to Spoiler's eagerness, and it's that much more fun once Batgirl is plunged in between the two. Add in some returning faces at GCPD headquarters (both old and new) and it's a fun and exciting romp for the women as they scramble to get the needed information and then try to survive when everything goes horrifically wrong.

Carlini and Moritat split the art, with Moritat drawing the actual caper while Carlini gets the scenes before and after. Carlini is a little more better suited towards this issue, with her art having a slightly firmer edge and more of a ground in reality. Her characters react well to one another, and Spoiler's joy is vivid but not over-the-top. Moritat's art isn't bad, but it definitely goes much further into the cartoonish nature, and the women look to be barely in their teens at times, while the attack by Corporal Punishment misses any bite because it comes across a little too whimsical. That said, Moritat's final page in the issue is strong, and it's not bad overall -- just a bit too heavy in one direction at times.

"Batgirl" #47 is a fun issue in a story that continues to build in the background. Stewart and Fletcher's story is intriguing, and the guest art from Carlini and Moritat works well enough as a stand-in for regular contributor Babs Tarr. (It helps that Serge Lapointe colors the entire issue, providing a bit of consistency.) All in all, a good way to shift into the next phase of this story.

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