Batgirl #22

Story by
Art by
Pere Perez
Colors by
Guy Major
Letters by
Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by
DC Comics

When all of the relaunch creative teams for DC Comics in September were announced, you could almost instantly hear all the, "What about...?" comments from readers looking for some of their favorite creators. And of those choruses, one of the most frequent ones I heard was, "What about Bryan Q. Miller?"

It's a legitimate question, because his run on "Batgirl" has been strong, keeping my interest and making me want to see more from Miller. His latest issue is a prime example of that, as Batgirl is sent to England on assignment from Batman Incorporated, and gets caught up in a scheme to steal the Greenwich Mean. No, really. Miller adds in the Squire to not only deliver exposition, but to provide a partner for Batgirl. With her normal confident firewall gone, it's good to have someone bouncing one-liners off of Batgirl (and vice-versa), and Miller gets the two an almost instant rapport.

Miller also follows up on Paul Cornell's "Knight and Squire" mini-series by making the DC Universe England a place full of strange and fun things to encounter. The idea that the Greenwich Mean is now the cork in a hole in time is a prime example of that; it's silly and goofy, but at the same time I found myself getting more entertained with each new development. The book doesn't take its subject terribly seriously, but its lighthearted nature is part of the selling point for the comic. It's nice to have another comic where the primary goal appears to be to just have fun.

Pere Perez is back again on art, and presumably closing out the run on the title. (Although with regular artist Dustin Nguyen not announced on a new title for September, one hopes that Nguyen's next project simply is slated for a little later in 2011. Like Miller, he's too good to let slip away.) Perez's art helps contribute to the overall goofy tone of the comic, with the occasional distorted expression like Batgirl tackling the Orphan, or Squire making little Bat/Knight ears next to her face while rolling her eyes. He's still able to handle the serious, though (the Orphan himself doesn't look silly even if his shtick is), and the longer he's provided guest art for the comic, the more I've found myself enjoying his time on the title.

Hopefully, Miller has some post-September work lined up at DC which just hasn't been announced yet, because his run on "Batgirl" has been one of those rare titles which got more entertaining every month. I'd never had much of an opinion on the character of Stephanie Brown before the current "Batgirl" series began, but he's made me a convert, and I'll miss Miller's outings with the character once the summer is over. Until then, though, we've got a few more fun issues to go.

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