Batgirl #1, We Have a Challenger!

Okay, so nothing is seriously going to contend with Batgirl' #1s "Exposition Overload" for bad writing, but wow, the ending of Huntress Year One #6 (issue 6 of 6) puts up a decent fight.

Read on to see the silliness if you don't mind being spoiled on the ending!

Check this out...

First off, and the least of my concerns, it (I think needlessly) messes up years of characterization for Huntress to be having this attitude towards Batman here (and for Batman to just take her retort like, "Yeah, okay, sounds good to me.").

Secondly, the sheer weirdness of Batman, Catwoman and Huntress hanging out it in a Church (and yes, I get that it's probably a throwback to the fact that they were her parents in Earth 2, and that's fine, if there was also a story reason for them to be there - same with the usage of them as Devil/Angel on Huntress' shoulder in one of the panels - clever idea IF you can come up with a reason why they'd be hanging out in a church together like that).

Thirdly, the dialogue is odd the whole way through.

But really, the thing that stands out, and the real reason I'm putting it here is the baptism stuff.

Holy melodrama, Batman!!

That's some bad comics right there.

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