Bat-Signal Shines Over Los Angeles in Honor of Adam West

The iconic Bat-Signal was projected Thursday night onto Los Angeles City Hall in honor of beloved Batman actor Adam West, who passed away June 9 at age 88.

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Hundreds gathered for the ceremony in which the Bat-Signal was lit by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck. In another nod to the 1966 Batman television series, a red Bat-Phone was positioned beside the podium.

"Like you, we all spent many hours in front of the TV, same bat time, same bat channel," Garcetti told the crowd, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Adam West taught us each one of us had a heart of gold. There will never be another Batman like Adam West and there will never be another Adam West." The may also led the crowd in a rendition of Neal Hefti's infectious "Batman Theme" from the show.


Among the assembled guests were West's family, his former co-stars Burt Ward and Lee Meriwether, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee.

West, who famously starred as the Bright Knight in the classic TV series and 1966 feature film, returned to the role in animated form several times throughout his career, most recently in 2016's direct-to-video Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. He had completed his voice work on its sequel before his death.

(photos courtesy of DC Entertainment)

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