Bart Simpson #30 Review

Tom Peyer writes two of the three stories in this issue, including the first, main story, and Peyer does an excellent job.

The first story, with able art by Phil Ortiz and Mike DeCarlo, reads like it was written about three years ago (or whenever the Harry Potter craze was at its high point), as the comic is a satire of Harry Potter-mania. So that was a bit weird. That being said, it's an excellent satire. I especially enjoyed Peyer's dialogue with Bart trying to read. It's a hard joke to convey, and Peyer did it well.

The craze has gotten so big that kids aren't doing anything BUT reading, so Bart (along with Krusty, who helped start the craze as part of his parole) team-up to stop the craze. How they do it is by hilariously taking advantage of the beauty of censorship.

As an aside, Peyer has an AWEsome line, where he has Krusty bemoan Sesame Street for ruining things by first telling kids to read. "You killed the golden goose!" What a great line.

The second story is probably the most precious Bart Simpson story I've ever read. James Lloyd and Andrew Pepoy supply a different style of art (meaning it is different from John Costanza and Phil Ortiz...hehe), but good art, nonetheless.

The story by Peyer follows Bart through his day and shows how many Walter Mitty-esque daydreams little boys have during their seemingly tedious days. It is well-written, and, like I said, far more precious of a story idea than you would expect in a Bart Simpson comic.

The final story, by Tony DiGerolamo, with art by Ryan Rivette and Mike Rote, is not as strong as Peyer's entries (although the art is quite good), but it is still a fun story of Bart, Milhouse and Martin on a runaway train with Skinner in tow. I especially liked the ending - "Wait? Skinner WON?!! He NEVER wins!" That, and the scene where Martin is quickly reading through a history book on 100 Years of Trains to figure out a solution to their runaway train. Classic line.

All in all, this was a very fun, enjoyable comic book.

Recommended without reservation.

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