Barry Allen is the Green Arrow in New Elseworlds Promo

On last night's episode of Arrow, we saw a promo for Elseworlds where Oliver Queen was somehow Barry Allen, and now Barry Allen is somehow Oliver Queen.

A new promo that premiered during this week's episode of The Flash shows a very perplexed Barry fighting an unaware Diggle and coming to the startling realization that he's the Green Arrow, complete with his repertoire of moves and combat prowess.

While Barry and Oliver will clearly be switching places in this crossover, it's not clear who, or if, Kara will swap with during the event. Whatever's going on will come after the three heroes go to Gotham City, which also got a shoutout in both of this week's episodes of Flash and ArrowElseworlds will also mark the debut of Ruby Rose's Batwoman, herself expected to get a solo TV series sometime next year. It's unclear if she'll be in the prime Arrowverse Earth home to Barry, Ollie and the Legends, or if she'll be in Kara's world or an Earth of her own.

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Elseworlds premieres on Dec. 9. The event stars Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, Ruby Rose, Tyler Hoechlin, Jeremy Davies and LaMonica Garrett.

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