Barista by day, blogger by night ... paranormal P.I. by late night?

Once there was a blogger who had a dead-end day job at a coffee shop, using it to fund a hopeful career as a journalist. Then came along a ghost who possessed her roommate, transforming him into a paranormal investigator.

No, this isn't auto-biographical (I wish!) but instead it's the premise of the indie-comic series Tales of the Night Watchman. Created by writer David Kelly and artist Lara Antal, the series debuted earlier this year online and at various Northeast comic conventions. The blogger in this case is named Nora, and her roommate is Charlie, and together they are baristas by day and heroes by night once they come into possession (literally!) of this spectral detective called the Night Watchman.

The first issue unveiled this startling tale with the introduction of the Night Watchman as well as the appearance of his arch-nemesis Merrick. At the Small Press Expo this weekend in Bethesda, Maryland, Kelly and Antal will debut the series' second issue as well as a spinoff one-shot with artist Molly Ostertag subtitled The Night Collector.

The creators have provided ROBOT 6 with a sample of the first two issues of the main series as well as The Night Collector.

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