"Barbie" Returns to Comics, Heads to Outer Space

Not only are Mattel's world-famous Barbie dolls getting relaunched with three different body types -- curvy, tall and petite, as revealed Thursday in a highly publicized announcement -- the character is also returning to comic books. As spotted by Bleeding Cool, an Amazon listing has surfaced for "Barbie Starlight," a 64-page hardcover published by Papercutz, and written by Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Tini Howard. No artist is listed.

Not much info is currently known beyond that, but presumably, this comic is a tie-in to the "Barbie Starlight Adventure" direct-to-home release animated feature has been announced for fall of this year (Amazon lists the release date for "Barbie Starlight" as Sept. 13). CBR News has reached out to Papercutz for more information.

Barbie has a prior history in comics, with two series starring the toy icon running at Marvel in the '90s; "Barbie" and "Barbie Fashion." The books ran for 61 and 53 issues, respectively, and helped launched the career of Amanda Conner. Decades earlier, Dell published a "Barbie and Ken" comic for five issues in the early '60s.

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