Baltimore Comic-Con Plans Wieringo Tribute

Official Press Release

An open letter from Marc Nathan, and your friends at the Baltimore Comic-Con:

We at the Baltimore Comic-Con express our deepest sympathies to the friends, family, and fans of the late, great Michael Wieringo, who sadly left us too early this week. Mike was a true friend, and always a welcome and integral part of our "little, big" show here in Baltimore every September. We will all feel Ringo's absence next month, but his spirit will live on.

In the past few days, literally hundreds of e-mails and calls have come our way, asking what plans the Baltimore Comic-Con is making to honor Mike-- many professionals and publishers offering their own time and services to assure recognition for one of comics' greats. Let me say, we are currently discussing with Ringo's family and friends the best way to honor his memory, and intend to offer up something special at the 'Con. We also heartily support anyone who wants to do something at the show on their own, be they a fan, a friend, a publisher, retailer, or all of the above.

An announcement will be made next week, but rest assured, we are on it. We plan not to mourn Mike's passing September 8-9, but rather, to celebrate his life.

But, right now, let us take a few days, and remember a dear friend. We'll miss you, Ringo...

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