'Ballad of Utopia' moves into the Basement

Official Press Release

Writer/publisher Barry Buchanan had this to say about the transition: "Basement Comics has been a staple in Previews for a long while due to the continuing popularity of the Cavewoman books, and we're looking forward to adding to those successes. Under Basement's sister company, Amryl Entertainment, Mike Hoffman's self-created titles (Tigress, Tigress Tales, and Thor the Rock Warrior) have flourished with high sales figures and much fan acclaim. Following in the wake of such accomplishments, THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA will have a far greater visibility and possibly garner the larger audience that its readership believes it deserves."

"With this transition, THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA will revert back to its previous incarnation of twenty-four page single issue installments" Barry adds, "The changeover should be seamless, since the entirety of The BOU issue #4 has been written, drawn and ready for print since the first run of the series. To use a film term, #4 has been "in the can" for months! Mike and I had this issue ready for publication since it was originally slated to be released, but due to several glitches we had to cancel the series. Once we rebooted, it was our intention to release a set of two trade paperbacks, but now that will happen only when the entire series is completed in the comic book format."

In closing, Barry had this to say: "Through all the trials and tribulations that THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA has endured, Mike and mine's chief goal has always been to get to the end of the murder mystery. Now, under the umbrella of Basement Comics, that's finally what we're going to accomplish."

THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA is essentially a murder mystery as seen through the eyes of Utopia deputy Sam David, who is sometimes accompanied by the mysterious and occultic bounty hunter Brigham Love. Along the way, they encounter quite a few unforgettably grisly shocks and encounter many of the very odd personalities of the mythical Western town of Utopia.

A free sample of THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA'S entire first issue has been posted online in the Lending Library at www.blackdaze.com.

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