Bale's Batman to Join Tumbler in "Batman: Arkham Knight"

Not long after teasing the arrival of the Tumbler as downloadable content in "Batman: Arkham Knight," Rocksteady Games has revealed that the Batman that goes with that unique Batmobile will also be made available.

The suit worn by Christian Bale in director Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy will soon be added to "Arkham Knight." Sefton Hill, Game Director and co-founder of Rocksteady Games, made the announcement via Twitter.

We've had a lot of requests for the batsuit to go with the Tumbler. We hear you so we're going to make it happen! #BatPeoplePower (1/2)

- Sefton Hill (@Seftonhill) September 22, 2015

He added that as suits take a while to build, the Bale Batman won't be available to cruise around in the Tumbler until later this year. He's also conducting an informal poll about which Bale Batsuit fans want to see.

Would you prefer to see Begins or TDK batsuit? Let us know! #BatPeoplePower

- Sefton Hill (@Seftonhill) September 22, 2015

You can see the Tumbler in action in the video below. The vehicle is available now as downloadable content.

Check out the full trailer for our September DLC releases right here. Get behind the wheel of the iconic 2008 Tumbler Batmobile and try on the classic Batman: Arkham Asylum batsuit, out today.Then, on 29 September, find out what happened to Nightwing after the Knightfall Protocol and push your skills to the limit in Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2.

Posted by Rocksteady Studios on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

(via IGN)

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