Bagley Not Hanging Up The Webs After All

[Ultimate Spider-Man]Heard the one about Mark Bagley leaving the art chores on Marvel Comics' new "Ultimate Spider-Man" after six issues?

It ain't necessarily so.

As fans reacted to an online report stating that Bagley would be leaving the new starting-from-scratch Spider-comic -- in stores today -- Bagley told fans on the Usenet that reports of his departure had been greatly exaggerated.

"Relax, I've decided to stay on for awhile," he posted in the rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe Usenet newsgroup. "I really appreciate all the response I've been getting to my work on Ultimate. I'm really trying to bring my best to this project (actually, I try to bring my best to every project that I work on). I'm not gonna promise a five year run on this book, but I am committed to it for the foreseeable future."

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