Rated M: 15 Pieces Of Inappropriate Superhero Fan Art

When you mix fan art with comics, you don't know what you'll end up with. Some range from beautiful and realistic to the inappropriate style. Inappropriate can be anything from weird and freaky to overly exposed. We have seen from previous comics and films that the writers and artists like to jazz the characters up a bit with a new costume or romance between two characters, but these fan art creations are on a whole other level. They are mixing together male brothers and father figures in a way that is not suitable for children.

The beauty about fan art is that you can create anything you want from your favorite characters of pop culture. Here we have gathered all the art that's just plain weird. If you want to see what bloated Justice League members looks like, you've come to the right place. If you want to see a pregnant Teen Titan, you have also come to the right place. But, you have been warned, these 15 inappropriate pieces of fan art of your favorite superheroes take it to the next level. Make sure you don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder when you scroll down, because you'll have some explaining to do.

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Poison Ivy has Batman and Robin tied up in this piece of inappropriate fan art. She looks very pleased with herself as she strokes their faces. Batman and Robin don’t look to happy that they fell for Poison Ivy’s trap though and from the torn parts of Batman’s costume, it looks like he put up a good fight, but still lost in the end.

Poison Ivy is a supervillain who is sometimes on the good side when it comes to saving the Earth and the plants on it. She is able to control plants to her advantage, like she is doing in the fan art from shrouded-artist. She has a reoccurring love interest with Batman, and some would say Harley Quinn as well, after this picture, Robin might be also added into the love triangle.


This highly realistic fan art of the Incredible Hulk having a life-changing number two is actually a statue in a mall in Seoul, Korea created by a redditor named TheMistah. We don’t see many sculptures by fans of superheroes, but when we do, they are on the toilet and shown in a mall. Hulk is doing what he does best even when he is releasing his bowels: being angry and aggressive.

This piece of art brings Bruce Banner as The Hulk down to a more personal and able to relate to character. We see superheroes in comics as strong, life-saving superhumans. Seeing Hulk at a vulnerable and personal state like on the toilet is something we usually do not see, but is still something that happens every day, and we are thankful this exists.


Here we have a vibrant and highly realistic piece of art by Kristherion and Leomatos2014 with an uncomfortable feeling to it. Black Widow and Maria Hill from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are getting to know each other better on a more physical level. Thankfully, it isn't too risky, unlike some other unsettling pieces of fan art on this list.

You can see the normal version of Black Widow and Maria Hill in the comic series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D that is based off the success of the TV show or the team that shows up in the regular comic book Marvel Universe. S.H.I.E.L.D is a special law-enforcement espionage that works specifically with superhuman threats to Earth, but after watching somany Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, you already know that.


This is truly an intergalactic and unsettling piece of fan art from maXKennedy. This is a piece is inspired from the Guardians of the Galaxy films rather than comics. We have Star-Lord and Yondu embracing intimately and sharing a kiss. Yondu looks more uncomfortable though with his eyes open and blank expression. Overall the colors are done beautifully in this inappropriate artwork.

If you have seen The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, you might cringe when you see this because there was an intimate moment where Star-Lord saw Yondu as a father figure and was thankful to have him in his life growing up. Yondu felt like a father figure to Star-Lord as well and looked after him when his real father was impregnating women from different worlds.


Brother-sister Avengers Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are known to the comic world as being sometimes a little too close for comfort. While their appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron helped to dampen those worries, it hasn't stopped fans from shipping them together in their works of art for whatever reason.

Although probably not as bad (or worse) than anything that has actually happened in Marvel's now defunct Ultimate Universe, this wonderful piece of fan art by kiwispread puts the spotlight back on the brother and sister tandem in the weirdest way (we blame you Marvel). In some ways, we're glad that Quicksilver has met his fate in the MCU, so maybe this questionable relationship is pushed out of fans' minds. Like, nobody lifts their sister like this, right?


Let’s face it, we could easily see this happening in a DC animated film. Especially since they had the unsettling scene of Nightwing tied up on Harley Quinn’s bed in Batman and Harley Quinn Even if you haven’t seen Magic Mike, you have probably seen many of the posters being displayed at movie theaters, and this is a spinoff of the poster with Nightwing. 

Nightwing is known as a major player in the DC Universe, much like his mentor Batman. He has dated Barbara Gordon, Starfire, Huntress, Raven and many, many other ladies. So this Magic Mike-style poster is very fitting of the Nightwing character. If you like what you see, there are other versions of Magic Mike-style fan art of your favorite superheroes from Evinist.


Here we have Spider-Woman, Rogue and Jean Grey in pin-up poses for your viewing pleasure. What is inappropriate of this Marvel girls’ fan art by MARCIOABREU7 is the way they are posing -- this pose can definitely be rated for a more mature audience. The ink and coloring is done fantastically except for the anatomy part.

Many times in comics we have women positioned in unnatural and uncomfortable looking ways. This picture is doing exactly that, especially with Jean Grey. There is no way her torso would be able to bend like that, even if she has the power of telekinesis and telepathy, and is an Omega-level mutant. There are also many other drawings of Spider-Woman in comics and fan art where she is in an unnatural pose to accent her womanly qualities.


Have you ever wondered what the Avengers look like in their underwear? Well hanks to LadyNorthstar, you don't have to wonder anymore. Here we have Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk and Captain America in matching all-black underwear. Most of them still have their weapons and shoes on. Maybe the artist forgot to draw a gun in Black Widows hand? Either way, this fan art version of the Avengers is something that fits perfectly into this category.

The Avengers are known around the world as "Earth's Mightiest Heroes". They are all usually fully clothed, except for the Hulk, when they are on missions and fighting crime. If anyone knows the significance of this fan art of the Avengers in all black underwear, please reveal it in the comments for everyone to learn as well.


Barry Allen is taking the Speed Force to a whole new level. The popular family-friendly TV show would not find this Barry Allen suitable for audiences, but maybe in his comic books? This fan art is from nebezial’s DeviantArt. Here Barry Allen is doing what he does best, running, and it looks like he is taking his clothes off in the process. He has a glove in his mouth and a half-zipped costume and no mask.

The Flash, or Barry Allen, has been a long-time fan favorite of DC Comics. He is one of the fastest people alive and even fast enough to time travel. There are many different versions of him from the comics, animated films, blockbuster films and TV shows. This fan art of The Flash may be the most inappropriate out of all the other versions.


Tony Stark is a billionaire, genius, inventor … and sex symbol? When we think of who’s the most attractive out of the Avengers, it usually goes to Captain America or Black Widow, but according to Steven-H-Garcia on DeviantArt, Tony Stark as Iron Man is also in the running. This version of Tony Stark looks like the film version with Robert Downey Jr. He is wearing yellow and red pants and gloves, but seems to have accidentally misplaced his shirt.

Tony Stark is a member of the billionaire superheroes club. In that he has no superpower, but he has the money to make it look like he does and fight with the others. When Stark puts on his suit, he is Iron Man and he has the ability to fly, regenerate life and project missiles.


The Deviantart artists gb2k has a plethora of artwork in this style with women of comics. This one is of Huntress in a hunter-esque costume that is very revealing. She looks like she could be a cave-girl playboy bunny with her style of clothes. If she ever needed to fight, this costume would probably would not work in her favor.

Huntress is a name that changes depending on who is behind the mask, also like Robin. It has changed three times, Paula Brooks is one of the first and known to be a villain and Helena Bertinelli and Helena Wayne are considered superheroes. Bertinelli is a the daughter of a mafia boss and has a romantic relationship with Nightwing and Wayne is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. We don’t think either of Huntress’ parents would agree with her costume in this fan art.


We always see a muscular Batman, but what about a fat Batman? Well, here is what a lazy and obese Batman would look like, if it ever happened. In this unsettling fan art by emmemmeit, Batman is sitting in bed while having a burger in one hand and a chicken leg in the other, with many other types of food around. He is wearing his batsuit that looks a little to small for his size.

This is a look of Batman that no one wants to see in comics or even films or TV shows. But if you think about it, this could have easily been the life of Bruce Wayne if he used food as an outlet for his emotions instead of revenge and fighting bad guys.


Here is something you can never unsee while watching the Thor or Avengers movies from maXKennedy. For some reason, sibling love has become popular with brothers in pop culture. We see it with Thor and Loki and also Sam and Dean from the TV show Supernatural. Thor and Loki have a special love/hate relationship. They are archenmeies that have been known to help out one another on occasion.

As the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief, they get into a lot of sibling rivalries. Thor is an Avenger and Loki is one of the villains to the Avengers. Loki has even gone as far as to convince their father Odin to punish Thor by taking away half of Thor’s powers, giving Loki the ability to defeat Thor.


The title of this fan art is Sexy Batman by Dennis80. But to many others, it is the opposite of sexy and extremely unsettling. In this piece of art, we have Batman laying seductively on his back and looking directly into your soul. What is even more unsettling is the contrast of realistic face and hairy abs in a cartoon style drawing. And is anyone else getting a Nick Cage vibe from this as well?

We have seen Batman in romantic relationships with different women, but this is a whole other level for him. We wonder if Batgirl, Catwoman, Vicki Vale, Wonder Woman, Talia Al Ghul or any other woman Batman has been with would appreciate this version of him.


This tops the list of most inappropriate fan art because Teen Titans Go! is a show about teenagers written for a more younger audience. In this controversial fan art from AdrianSR, we have Starfire and Raven sitting back-to-back in the cartoon style of Teen Titans Go! with large bellies. The protruding bellies could mean they just ate a lot ... but it is probably insinuating that they are pregnant.

Teen Titans Go! is a follow-up show to Teen Titans and is more silly than serious. It shows their teenage lifestyles outside of the costumes. Teenagers get pregnant in everyday life all the time. But we usually don’t see it happen in cartoons or any other show for children. It can always be possible, but just looks extremely weird when done.

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