15 Supergirl Covers The CW Wants to Keep Hidden From Fans

The CW's Supergirl is a wholesome, family-friendly show for even non-comic fans. It is about a young lady and her normal problems such as boyfriend complications, fashion and being an alien on Earth. This is a separate universe for her secret identity, Kara, where she's a 24-year-old woman living in modern times with a job and human friends. Although Superman is her cousin, he is not a main character in the show. Her main crew in the show is her sister Alex, Martian Manhunter, Winn Schott Lar Grand. In the comics, Supergirl also has her own adventures but she is also with he cousin Superman as well as friends.

The very first issue that introduced Supergirl was Action Comics #252 in May 1959. Since her first appearance, Adventure Comics, Superman and The Superman Family also featured Supergirl, aka Linda Danvers, aka Kara Zor-El. These comics have themes of that of things a young woman would have to go through, on top of keeping her life as Supergirl a secret. But there are also themes that The CW would not approve of their fans seeing, such as quitting or forcing unwanted marriage depicted on old comic covers that we bet the CW would love to keep hidden.

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Dating was a lot different in 1969. According to Adventure Comics, it’s normal for your cousin to set you up with a perfect boyfriend from a date-matcher. Kara going on dates happens on The CW show, but it is not the central theme. Online dating is more popular than ever, but it doesn’t need to be in Supergirl when there’s cities to save instead.

Kara wants her perfect match because she saw her roommates in college get dates from a computer. So she goes to the Fortress of Solitude to use the computer to get a match. Her match is Volar who fights crime on the planet Tormaand she thinks it’s a grand idea to meet him but Superman warns against it. It turns out the Volar is really a woman pretending to be a man and Kara is discouraged.


This cover does not fit the can-do and friendly personality of Kara from the CW show. On this Action Comics cover, Kara is riding a horse into Superman. She is kicking him out of the Fortress of Solitude. This is one of those instances that the cover would not look good on-screen -- Kara riding on a flying horse would translate awkwardly into the TV show.

In “The Forbidden Fortress of Solitude!” Supergirl was disfigured from a previous journey and aims at finding a cure. But on Bizarro World, there is an interplanetary collision. So Kara must go there to stop it with her disfigured face. But on Bizzaro World, she is considered beautiful and they create a clone of her. The clone goes to Earth and pretends to be Supergirl there and plays a trick on Superman. Hence the conflict of him trying to get into the Fortress of Solitude.


There are three things wrong with this cover: Kara is revealing Superman’s identity which is not very admirable of her, while sporting a very particularly evil grin and a mullet which is not appealing to her either. And finally, they are walking in on him changing which is a disrespect of one’s privacy and just downright creepy.

Having a secret identity is important to most superheroes and they will do anything to keep it a secret. Villains would also go to extreme lengths to reveal these identities. The reason why Kara is snitching on her cousin is because she is really an android doubled as Supergirl. The Android Master creates android doubles of all Clark’s friends and co-workers to fool him. The plan backfires though because no one can fool Clark Kent!


The Superman Family tied together the standalone comics from Superman and his friends Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl and Lois Lane. In issue 208, Linda Danvers move from being a governor of Florida to a soap opera actress in New York. The CW does not follow any of Supergirl’s storylines in The Superman Family -- especially any stories in where she quits.

Kara's job as a soap opera actress isn't all rosy and she realizes it is not the life for her. The new career is very demanding and is taking up time being Supergirl as well. This explains why she is freaking out on the cover. The ability to juggle different lives is one of the key features superheroes are known for. In the end, the pressure gets too high for Kara and she quits her acting career.


In this Action Comics cover, Superman is banishing Supergirl from Earth in a tube. On The CW, Supergirl was a different kind of relationship with her cousin. Although they don’t see each other often, they still care about each other and help out when needed. The CW would not want fans to see Superman banishing his beloved cousin from Earth.

In this issue, Supergirl meets Superdog for the first time, and their encounter is the reason why she gets banished. She reveals her identity to Superdog when they meet and Superman is not OK with Superdog knowing her identity for whatever reason, so he banishes her. While banished, she watches Earth from a telescope from an asteroid. No one said comic book plots had to make sense...


A main reason why The CW would not want to have fans see this cover is because of how odd it is. Supergirl, or Linda Danvers has snakes coming out of her head and like Medusa, she is turning people into stone when she looks at them and in this case, it's her fellow heroes and friends that she's cursing.

In “A Head Full of Snakes,” Linda Danvers is in a play at school and wears a Medusa mask. The mask then turns into real snakes and gives her the ability to turn men into stone. Hawkeye, Batman and Green Lantern try to help her but she also turns them into stone. Mitch Baxter, the lead male in the play, ends up saving her from the Medusa curse proving once again that men are here to save the day...


The powerful and strong Supergirl is afraid of a mouse. This theme of women being scared of mice is actually common in comics and was done in Wonder Woman as well in the '70s. The writers of DC thought it would be an interesting story about belittling these women with powers -- something you would not see as a main plot point in any CW show.

In “The Frightened Supergirl,” she is actually terrified of many other things besides mice. Lex and Nasty Luthor lace her drink with a “fear serum.” This causes her to be afraid of everything in her path. The Luthors take advantage of her fear, kidnap and torture her. She is able to escape by burning down the house, but there is a twist. All of this was just a dream, and she wakes up normal.


Supergirl has had many boyfriends throughout the years. Usually it is the guys that are chasing after her and she has to choose the best suitor. Like on The CW where Jimmy Olsen, Winn Scott and Lar Gand were after her, but Supergirl crying over being rejected is not a cover fans should see from The CW show.

This cover is for the issue “The Garden of Death!” She plays a detective in this issue for a murder mystery. But the mystery all started when her boyfriend Bob Lewis stood her up and another boy, Frankie took over because his girlfriend stood him up. Everything is really confusing (as you can tell), but the most confusing part of this whole debacle is how a different girl was murdered in the first place.


Here we have two very strong and powerful women fighting over marriage of a man. This type of battle is certainly something that wouldn’t be shown on the TV show. On the show, Kara is very centered around her responsibilities of saving the world and the citizens of National City.

In the Wonder Woman issue, "Wonder Woman & Supergirl vs the Planetary Conqueror," Supergirl and Wonder Woman are the chosen ones to represent Earth as the most beautiful and strong and fight for the hand in marriage of a prime minister of another planet. Although the cover and other stories of Wonder Woman may be sexist, Supergirl and Wonder Woman do find a way around killing each other and instead takes over and fights for the liberation of the people.


Superheros being tied and bound was common in the Golden and Silver Ages. This cover of Adventure Comics is no exception as Kara has her arms and feet bound by rope. To be fair, in the issue, she lost her powers, but there are other ways to capture someone by typing them up and laying them on the ground.

The cover of Adventure Comics is featuring the story called “Vortex”. Vortex is an architect who turns villainous because someone stole his building designs. He created a weapon that causes centrifugal force waves and uses it to destroy the building that was created after his stolen designs. What does Supergirl have to do with this? The villain is in her hometown, so it is her duty as the resident superhero to stop all villains. Which she does, after she gets her powers back.


Here is another comic the man demanding the hand in marriage of a powerful woman and giving her no say in the matter. Superman Family was around in the '70s where the view of marriage and women were different than the modern times we live in. Although the Supergirl TV show did have an episode where a villain tried to win the heart of Kara through magic, this stuff still wouldn't fly today.

In “Bride of the Stars,” a powerful alien named Ranar was told there is a woman who will make the perfect wife for him and will help him rule the universe. That woman happens to be Kara and they battle when he finds her in Earth. Ranar makes his choices by the stars and when he checked the stars again, they were against the marriage, so he left Supergirl alone, after all that trouble.


The 35th anniversary issue of Adventure Comics proudly displays Supergirl on the floor underneath a man, pushing the PG boundaries we seem to have today. We can totally see why The CW would not want this cover to be seen -- Kara trapped between a man’s legs would raise many questions from fans of The CW.

Black Flame is a recurring enemy of Kara. She falls for Toymaster and his trap and before she ends up between Black Flame’s legs. She is put in a room to be tortured. Black Flame uses green and gold kryptonite to trap her. They use her as a pin in a bowling alley and placed in a deathtrap. She gets Toymaster’s robot remote control and uses it to cut her free and escape.


Kara is being dragged onto a spaceship by her hair on this Adventure Comics cover. This is not one of Kara’s most sophisticated looks so it is safe to say, the CW would not want fans to see this. This cover would change the strong viewpoint they built of Kara from the first episode.

In this issue, Kara is kidnapped once again by a man to become his mate. He is a space pirate and plans on destroying earth but has spared Kara. He has chose her and everyone else on Earth is inferior to him. But he doesn’t know Kara has powers and she changes into Supergirl when he least expects it. While she is on the ship in space, she also finds refugees and helps free them while wrecking the ship and turning in the pirates.


Supergirl has yet another suitor who is after her and this time, it is a monster. The CW would not want fans to see this cover because of the monster pulling off Kara’s dress and the caption “The Beast that loved Supergirl.” It's an image not fitting what the audience would like to see. There have been monsters, but one who is in love and pulling off her clothes is not something that fans of the show would want to see.

In this particular story, this mysterious monster won’t take no for an answer from Kara (which in itself is an issue). He even uses railroad tracks to make a ring for her. While she is saving the citizens from the destroyed railroad tracks, she finds out the monster is really Mr. Mxyzptlk. She is able to banish him into the friendzone by making him say his name backwards.


Supergirl goes supernatural in this Action Comics. There has been magic on Arrow on the CW so it is a possibility for magic to be in the TV show Supergirl as well. But will they dabble in black magic and give her devil horns? Probably not, which is why this would not be an appropriate cover for the fans of the CW.

In “The Black Magic of Supergirl!” Supergirl obtains a Satan Ring from a dying fakir. The ring can grant three wishes, but after the third wish, it turns the wisher into a demon. Supergirl didn’t know about the third wish, so she uses all three wishes and turns into a demon with powers. She was cured from the demon curse by bathing herself in Kryptonite flames.

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