Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 15 Offensively Bad Roles The Cast Had To Take

For many of the young actors that starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, joining the cast of the show was the best decision that they ever made for a wide variety of reasons. For some, appearing on the show instantly elevated their careers in a way that made them sought after actors. Everything was all well and dandy for every single one of these actors, until the show finally ended after seven seasons on the air.

As with just about every single thing in life, the show had to end eventually. Following the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, many of the former actors who were on the show struggled to remain as big (or become bigger than) their former roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Granted, there have been some success stories here and there -- such as David Boreanaz becoming the star of the hit show Bones, or Alyson Hannigan becoming the star of another hit show, How I Met Your Mother -- but for the most part, many of these actors have struggled to retain the same success that came with their former glory. That same struggle has led some of these actors to committing to appearing in roles that are rather questionable. Here are some examples listed below.

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In playing the title character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar helped shatter stereotypes and defy the cliches of conventional storytelling. In 2007, she starred in Suburban Girl, a film that displayed every cliche romantic stereotype in the book. Except this time, it was made worse by the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar had to play love interest to Alec Baldwin.

In the film, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a book editor who catches the attention of an older man, and the two start dating. It's a little gross for several reasons, but less gross because of the huge age gap between Gellar and Baldwin, and more because of Baldwin himself. There is just something stomach-churningly strange about seeing Buffy Summers shove her tongue down Jack Donaghy's throat. Someone must've really needed that paycheck...


Anyone would be hard pressed to come up with a good movie starring David Boreanaz off the top of their head. Boreanaz has always consistently nailed it out of the park with picking which stellar TV shows to star in (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones, etc), but for some reason, he can't find a good movie to save his life. If one were to scroll down his IMDB page and look strictly at all of his movies, they would find a lot of duds and blunders.

Arguably the biggest blunder of his career might be Mr. Fix It.

In it, Boreanaz plays someone who gets paid by guys to go on dates with their ex-girlfriends and be so rude that the girls go back to their exes. Basically, it's My Best Friend's Girl on a budget. Yet, somehow, it's much worse.


One of the fan's favorite couples throughout the Buffyverse happened to be the odd couple pairing between Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase. Despite the characters having two completely different personalities, the chemistry between Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter managed to shine through and allowed for the pairing to come off as inseparable.

For some reason, that chemistry was missing from their co-starring effort on the ABC Family television movie Relative Chaos. The two share only a few scenes together and dating other people in the movie, but something about their chemistry is off this time around. It's as if the filmmakers told them "do what you did that made Cordy and Xander so great!" But since their two completely different characters and not even a couple this time, their scenes feel forced.


If there is one thing that we can always give Alyson Hannigan credit for, it is that she somehow feels inspired to put 110% of work into every one of her performances, no matter how trite the material may be. This has never been more evident than when she starred in the romantic comedy spoof, Date Movie.

She participates in childish jokes that satirized movies that were already dated by time the film was released.

Hannigan is forced to waddle during the majority of the flick in a fat suit, and worst of all, she plays a love interest to Adam Campbell. Nothing's particularly wrong with the guy, he's just a little...funny looking is all. Thankfully, Hannigan was able to quickly bounce back from this comedic misstep by getting cast in How I Met Your Mother.


First off, we would like to think that any actor -- no matter their age, gender, race tenure, etc -- would be above having to appear in a movie called One Eyed Monster. The title alone sounds like a very bad parody, and we'd think all regular actors would be better than that. Turns out the film is a bad film parody, and if anyone among the cast deserves better, it's Amber Benson.

Amber Benson, who blew audiences away in seasons four, five, and six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Tara Maclay, has now been reduced to running away from the detached "rod" of Ron Jeremy. Yes, that is the plot of the movie. Benson deserves better, and frankly, everyone in the cast deserves better than to have this attached to their resume.


TiMER stars Emma Caulfield as a woman in a not too distant future where it's possible for someone to have a watch implanted into their wrist that tells them how many days, minutes, hours, and seconds they are away from meeting their soulmate. Unfortunately for Caulfield's character, her watch remains blank, making dating in the future even harder than it already is.

It's actually an interesting premise that sounds like it was pulled out of an episode of Black Mirror.

The problem is that rather than read like the clever and funny satire it tries to be, it comes off as a cliched, typical run of the mill romantic comedy, only the romance isn't compelling and the comedy isn't funny. Worst of all, Caulfield -- who showed as Anya that she can commit to perfect comedic timing -- seems to be sleepwalking through this lazy picture.


Out of all of the alumni to break out of the Buffy cast, Julie Benz has been one of the more successful ones. Not only has she appeared in several major Hollywood productions, but she starred in the Showtime hit show, Dexter, as the title character's girlfriend (and later, wife) Rita. However, that is not to say that she has not had a fair share of bombs here and there -- one of them being Saw V.

Sure, like all films within the Saw franchise, the fifth entry made a lot of money, but also happens to be one of the more critically panned films among the franchise. In fact, if not for Saw 3D's 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, Saw V would be the most rotten film in the franchise with a baffling 13% rating.


For nearly every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Danny Strong played the not-always-so-lovable loser and Big Bad member of The Trio, Jonathan Levinson. In between all of the episodes he filmed, he did some minor acting work in movies. The biggest role he ever got in a movie was when he starred in the 2000 horror parody Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth. Strong plays Boner--"it's pronounced Bon-nar...the O is silent," he notifies us in the film.

As one might quickly guess from his name, Strong once again gets typecast as the lonely loser archetype. 

Not one of the finer moments of the future Emmy winning writer's career, but since Shriek came out the same time as a similar film, Scary Movie, no one saw the movie anyway. Also worth noting that Julie Benz also stars as a "dumb blonde".


Buffy fans may not recognize Kali Rocha from her name alone, but they will remember her best for her frequent appearances throughout season six as Halfrek, Anya's friend and fellow vengeance demon. Since then, Rocha has mostly dedicated her time to guest spots and the oddball supporting role in television shows. She seldom does work for movies, but one of her more notable cinematic appearances came with the 2014 Hollywood drama, The Loft, which is notable for how bad it was.

It also managed to be a flop at the box office, failing to make back all the money used to make the movie. In the film, Rocha plays Mimi, wife to Marty. A DVD is found of Marty's friend, Vincent, sleeping with Mimi, and it inspires Marty and his other friends to set Vincent up with committing murder...or something.


Eliza Dushku hit the jackpot when she was cast as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and instantly became both a favorite among Buffyverse characters and a sought after actress. Dushku continued to find minor success as the star of shows like Tru Calling and Dollhouse but unfortunately for her movie career, Dushku has had a lot more duds than hits.

Not to say she has not had a decent amount of hits -- she was in Bring It On -- but a lot of her movies fall in line with flops like The New Guy.

For those who were lucky enough to forget about this movie or miss out on it entirely, it's basically She's All That in reverse as a nerdy high school guy tries to be cool for once. It's just as bad as it sounds.


Since her brief stint on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Jenny Calendar during the second season ended, Robia LaMorte has since retired from acting and has become a born again Christian. In light of this, she probably hopes that people forget her time as an actor. Not just because there was once an episode of Buffy where she is possessed by a Satanic figure, but because she used to be quite the dancer.

For much of her dancing career, she frequently paired with Lori Werner as "Diamond and Pearl" and the two often committed to dancing routines in music videos for Prince. She also was a background dancer in Earth Girls are Easy during the "I'm a Blonde" dance routine. LaMorte rarely talks about her pre-Christian lifestyle and with good reason.


A lot of people forget that long before she was a Hollywood A-list actress, Amy Adams played Tara's sister, Beth, in the episode "Family" from season five. One year later, she received her very first lead role in a movie, Cruel Intentions 2. She plays a young Kathryn Merteuil, a role originally played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the first film.

While that first film never did shy away from its risqueness, the sequel just comes off as tasteless and hackneyed.

In one scene, Amy Adams is seen coaching a young woman how to, um, "straddle" a horse; shouting commands like "Faster! Back and forth! Up and down!" It's just plain creepy, and we understand if Adams wants us to forget this was even made. Also worth noting that the film also stars Sarah Thompson, who joined the cast of Angel as Eve during the show's fifth season.


Alyson Hannigan was not the only one who had to suffer through filming the critically panned Date Movie, and she was not even the only Buffy alum that was unlucky enough to have to join the cast. Another actor on the set was Tom Lenk, who played Andrew during Buffy's sixth and seventh seasons, as well as during Angel's fifth season.

Unlike Hannigan who is forced to suffer through acting in Date Movie for the entirety of the movie, Lenk only appears in one segment, but it is so cringeworthy that it feels like the scene runs on for a lifetime. In a parody of Lord of the Rings, Lenk plays Frodo and the scene shows what happens when him and his hobbit buddies go to a jewelry store to pawn of "The Ring" for money.


When playing Warren in season six, Adam Busch portrayed a cowardly Big Bad that was often presented in a pathetic light. It is hard to find a character -- or, more specifically, an antagonist -- that was more pathetic than Warren and his Trio.

The closest we might get is from a more recent character that Adam Busch played Chase One during Empire's second season.

Chase was a frenetic Rolling Stone photographer who worked closely with musician Jamal Lyon. He attempted to get a little too close for comfort, as he tried to fellate Jamal randomly in the middle of a casual conversation. After Jamal rejected him, Chase slept with Jamal's boyfriend, Michael. Michael and Jamal broke up as a result of the liaison.


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There was once a time that many audiences and critics predicted James Marsters to be the breakout star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, thanks to his charismatic portrayal of Spike. Marsters' first step in trying to break into Hollywood came when he was cast as the main villain for Dragonball: Evolution, a big screen adaptation of the popular anime.

In an attempt to launch Marsters' movie career into superstardom, the film instantly killed the careers of everyone involved in making it. Not only was the film a huge box office flop that was panned by critics worldwide, it did more to piss off long time fans of the show. Marsters has gone on record time and time again about how much he hates that movie.

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