"Bad Planet" Week: "Bad Planet" Web Movie Exclusive, Art Gallery

After four days interviewing the creative team behind the upcoming Image Comics series "Bad Planet," today we bring you an extended look at artwork and sketches from the series, as well as the exclusive debut of the Web movie "Bad Planet: Deathleap" directed by Thomas Jane.

Before we move on to the good stuff, let's catch you up on what came before. If you missed any portion of our coverage this week, no worries, here's a quick list of links to our interviews with the creative team:

Six weeks back, Thomas Jane directed the following short Web movie called "Bad Planet: Deathleap." It's a mix of live-action and CGI special effects that evokes the feel of those classic '50s SciFi films The film was shot one day in the basement of a friend's apartment building using Mini-DV cameras. Joining Jane on this project is Eric Adkins (Cinematographer on "Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow") who handled the Cinematography and Compositing. It was produced by Ahmer Allauddin at Fearopolis. The rest of the credits include:

Scientist #1: Alex Cochies

Scientist #2: Jeff Smith

3D deathSpider model: Jonas Thornqvist

deathSpider animation: Christopher Elliott

Click the still below to launch the player. Macromedia Flash is required to view.

Below you'll find a mix of covers, pages and sketches from "Bad Planet." Some of this we've shown you already, although there are a number of new things thrown in just today. Click any of the images below to enlarge.

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