Bad Feels Good: The 15 Most IRRESISTIBLE Supervillains

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We talk about superheroes being hot a lot, because... well, they are. They're basically Olympic gymnasts who save the world and wear the tightests suits ever. (Yes, we're specifically thinking about Nightwing.) But it's not just looks that make them irresistible -- it's also their charisma, their heart. Okay, yes, also sometimes their money; look we're not playing -- we'd be with Bruce Wayne because he's a billionaire, not just because of that bod.

None of that can be said about the following supervillains. Some of them... heck, some of them aren't people you'd ever choose to spend a second with, but you won't be able to deny that they're all completely irresistible. Listen. There are lots of reasons to love these supervillains and lots of reasons to hate them. Some are rich. Some have powers. Some are just so gosh darn hot that it’s amazing no one has tried to literally bring them to life a la Weird Science. These are some of the most gosh-darn irresistible super villains in all of comics, even if in some cases their irresistibility is brought about through some… alternative means. See if you can make it through the whole list without falling prey to any of their... charms.

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If you're looking for a villain with a truly magnetic charm, look no further than Magneto! Now, despite the fact that in about, well... all the movies, Magneto is a good looking dude, that’s not the reason he’s on this list. Nor is it because he’s a hardline Nazi killer who could -- and probably would -- protect us from the ills of the outside world (if we were born mutant, that is).

Nope, it’s because he’s got a magnetic personality. Yes, one of the little known -- but somehow also much mocked -- abilities of Magneto is the power of magnetism… on people. Listen, it doesn’t make a ton of sense but people are a lot like magnets -- they're easy to attract -- and magneto has pulled his fair share of hotties. At one point in the comics, it was shown that Magneto could make people obey him with his “magnetic personality,” which is such a bad pun we’re going to accept it despite it not making even a single lick of sense.


Okay, look, Namor is just really hot. Have you seen him? He’s hot enough that he’d make [insert celebrity of your choice here -- as long as it’s not Idris Elba] appear to be a schlubby normal looking mortal. Plus, basically all he wears is a small little bikini bottom! In a world where every single female character seems to grow via chlorophyl, it’s nice to have some man skin on display.

Plus, c’mon, he’s a King from a subaquatic world who will stop at nothing to defend his Kingdom. He is, in a word, awesome. Why do you think Susan Storm was constantly going for him? You can argue whether or not Namor is a villain if you want, we’ll be over here salivating.


Ah, Talia Al Ghul. She’s a bit of a controversial choice for one big reason, so let’s get it out of the way. In some versions of the story, she and Bruce Wayne did not have an entirely consensual night together. However, that is dumb and bad and wrong, so we are going to pull a Nick Fury and ignore it all together.

Now, Talia is a rich femme fatale working for one of the world’s most powerful men and she’s still cooler and stronger than him. There’s almost no one she couldn’t take down if she wanted to, but her sights are set squarely on the Dark Knight Detective. Sadly. We’re not saying that if we were with her, she wouldn’t kill us, we’re just saying we would die happy.



All right. You can see it, right? He’s got the nice suit, he used to be a lawyer, half of his face is nice and... nah, that’s not why. Don’t get us wrong, he does dress well, and we wouldn’t mind hanging out with him, but he gets a place on this list specifically for his work in the newest All-Star Batman series, where we find out he has dirt on every single living person in Gotham. He can make anyone do anything he wants. If you don’t want to call that "irresistible," that’s fine, but also you’re incredibly wrong.

We’d also like to mention that the Red Hood in Batman: Zero Year uses this same unquestionably horrible method of blackmail to get people to do whatever he wants; however, the Red Hood is dressed worse and is the Joker, so who cares, really?


Hector Hammond may not look irresistible, but given that he has one of the most powerful (and grotesquely gargantuan) telepathic brains in comics, his powers say otherwise. Yes, this man, who looks like the worst stereotypes of comic book readers, puking on himself in the image is technically irresistible.

Listen, we told you not all of the people here were going to be hot, even though he used to be lean and dashing with a sort of Erol Flynn style mustache. Unfortunately, the meteor that gave him his powers (or the engine of Abin Sur's spaceship, depending on which origin story you're going with) gnarled his once handsome form into what it is today. He more than makes up for that now, though, with his incredible power of suggestion.



The main big bad for Season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Inhuman known as Hive was basically the reason at least part of Hydra exists. Shuttled off to a wasteland world because of his powers, he was both demonized and made into a god-like figure of worship. Why?

Well, Hive has the power to possess other Inhumans, making them not only succumb to his will, but making them part of his very being; hence, the name. He's like the Thing, but psychic and much more insidious. In case his powers of persuasion weren't enough, he can even enlist the dead into his bidding, taking over bodies to suit his needs. When not even the dead can ignore your call, you're pretty irresistible.



Onslaught is actually a combination of two different characters on this list, making him twice as powerful as both of them, but not as cute as either of them. You win some, you lose some. Onslaught is the combination of Magneto and Professor X, created when Charles unleashed a huge mental assault after Magneto ripped the adamantium out of Wolverine's body. That excess of mental might, raw emotional anguish and unbridled power gave birth to Onslaught, and boy was he a doozie of a baddie!

He is a huge, demonic-looking monster that can control everyone using Xavier’s incredible telepathic powers, but has none of his consciousness. At the same time, he has all the evil and energy of Magneto (plus his heady fashion sense), but none of the charm. He’s irresistible and unstoppable: the perfect combination.


Starfox with She-hulk

Okay, we know the Titan is best known for being a hero; hell, he's even been an Avenger! But let's be real, someone who uses his "powers of euphoria" to trick people into bed isn't ALL hero. Also, he's the brother of the Mad Titan Thanos, so we're more than slightly dubious of his motives. Eros -- which of course is his real name -- has spent most of his time running around, bedding everyone in the cosmos.

Part of that's because of his aforementioned powers of instilling ecstasy in living beings, which makes his enemies and friends succumb to his charms and have led him to be tried for sexual assault in the pages of She-Hulk. So you can argue all day that this guy has saved lives, but even if his powers of being literally irresistible have been used but once for personal gain, that makes him scummy on a truly villainous level.


Doctor Faustus is like your high school guidance counselor except way more evil and way better at his job. This Captain America villain (who is now a Captain America ally thanks to the divisive Secret Empire event) is a master of psychological manipulation.

Even without powers (or an influential imp at his beck and call, as his name otherwise implies), Marvel's Faustus is a master manipulator, not just in what he says, but how he says it. In order to affect superhuman mind control, he instead uses various bits of self-made machinery, cocktails of drugs and an impressive (yet still very human) ability of changing the pitch in his voice to make those he speaks with much more amenable to his suggestions. So basically, he's super creepy... but he does have a sick fashion sense and a tidy beard, and that has to count for something!


Hugo Strange will control your mind through that most ancient tools of men -- brainwashing and screaming. You'd think, just based on his name, he wouldn't be able to manipulate people too well; but no, it turns out he can even crack Batman. He’s gone so far as to turn other people into Batman. Because, hey, if you can do anything and you’re super obsessed with Batman, why not?

He can make almost anyone do anything, even managing to take control of some of the more hostile members of Batman’s rogues. He also, unlike a lot of others on this list, has backup plans in case you’re not quite as cooperative as he’d like. He calls it the Monster serum, because it... well, it turns you into a monster, answering only to him. A combination of his genius and his madness makes his a mind like no other, and quite irresistible.


Purple Man

All right, listen, we needed to include him on the list. But he’s also pretty nasty so if you want to skip him, we will bear you no ill will. You can go ahead and skip to the only person on this list who is probably worse than the Purple Man (but somehow also just as realistic). The Purple Man, also known as Kilgrave, is a molester, rapist, and all around vile human being.

He has the power to make people do whatever he wants them to and has absolutely no conscience to stop him from using it to be just about the most disgusting person imaginable. We also have to make note of the fact that in Jessica Jones, he’s played by David Tennant, who is normally pretty cute, but in that role makes our skin crawl more than a heavy duty massager and a room full of cockroaches.


11. Rage of the Red Skull

Ah, the Red Skull. There are a lot of reasons you could find him irresistible. He gives great, powerful speeches, against all the "ills" of society. He has a devilish hue. Those cheekbones. Nah, we’re messing with you, the Red Skull is objectively the worst. He’s a freaking Nazi who has always delivered some of the most hateful, horrible speeches in the history of comics, making him the worst kind of Nazi -- an ineloquent one. (Note: This is not true. All Nazis are the worst.)

However, what Red Skull did have was a piece of Xavier’s brain, which allowed him to control pretty much every single person on Earth, making him truly irresistible. Thankfully that bit of his brain was ripped out and now he’s the best kind of Nazi -- a dead one.


Apocalypse choking Mystique

Apocalypse is played by Oscar Isaac in X-Men: Apocalypse so just for that, he’d get on this list. That notwithstanding, he has mental powers which he can use to overpower those who get in his way. But even that isn’t the reason he landed on this list. It’s because of his cult, known not-coincidentally as his Horseman. Even without using his powers, he can inspire followers to be so loyal to him that they’ll betray all others and actively work towards the end of the world. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he can bolster and even boost their powers, thanks to his Celestial-given abilities. It's thanks to these and his long-lived existence that he has accrued such an historic collection of fawning followers, each one willing to bow down at the feet of his worship.



Darkseid is irresistible because he’s literally  (New) god. Moreover, he is inarguably the most powerful of his kind, and is known throughout the multiverse as that rarest of things: a lone singularity. That is, only one of him exists throughout space and time, making his universal dominance over others truly all-consuming. Armed with his devastating Omega Beams, which can obliterate living things from existence,

Darkseid has crushed those who would oppose him beneath his gargantuan boot heel. As such, the only thing that drives him is finding ultimate power through the much-vaunted Anti-Life Equation, which he has actually found on several occasions, pummeling hugely-powerful beings in his wake, including Superman, Doomsday and the entire Justice League. No wonder when faced with the prospect of Darkseid, most people choose not to resist... for doing so is futile.


Poison Ivy Gotham City Sirens

Previously a well-regarded and talented botanist, Pamela Isley (depending on which one of her myriad origin stories is currently in-continuity) fell victim to poisoning, either accidental or malicious. As a result of being doused with exotic toxins and/or plied with magical death herbs, Isley becomes Poison Ivy and is empowered with immunity from all known diseases and poisons. But that's not all! What lands her on our list is another power which developed later in her life as a character; namely, she is able not just to control plant life, but also the minds of the weak-willed.

Using plant pheromones, she can usually be seen either getting revenge or procuring money for revenge (via bank robberies) by using a sort of organic mind control, bending the wills of those around her to her own. Of course, it doesn't hurt that this power is combined with her natural good looks, which she uses to woo both men and women, even without mind controlling substances!

Which supervillain do YOU find simply irresistible? Let us know in the comments!

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