Bad Boys: NBC Passes on TV Spinoff Starring Jessica Alba


LA's Finest won't see the light of day, at least on NBC.

It's one of TV's bloodiest week, and no we're not referring to this week's episode of Westworld. This is sweeps week, one of four times of the year where TV networks dig into the ratings of each of their shows and decide who gets to come back next year. Plenty of shows have been on the butcher block this year including long-running Fox series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, comics-inspired series Lucifer, and fan-favorite series The Expanse. In the midst of cancellations, however, often comes news of shows that have been turned down by the networks before even getting the chance to live. The latest pass is especially baffling: a spinoff series from the 1995 film Bad Boys.

The show, titled LA's Finest, would've starred Gabrielle Union, reprising her role from the original film, alongside Jessica Alba. NBC is the first to reject the series, but producers may attempt to shop the pilot to other networks. NBC's rejection of LA's Finest is especially baffling considering the stars already attached, not to mention the unique cultural significance of a female-led show by two women of color.

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This rejection follows several other recent denials of established franchise adaptations with big-named actors attached including Kevin Bacon's Tremors pilot for Syfy and an Eddie Murphy-helmed spinoff of Beverly Hills Cop a few years ago. Shows adapted from films are picked up all the time, such as Fox's Lethal Weapon series, Starz's Howards End, and the upcoming Heathers on the Paramount Network. NBC's decision will hopefully be another network's gain.

LA's Finest is about two LAPD detectives. These detectives are Special Agent Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union) who is new to LA and looking for a fresh start in her life and career, and Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), a detective and working mother with a very different life and approach to cases. The show is described as an action-packed, character-driven procedural.

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