Shot Through The Heart: 18 Arrowverse Relationships That Turned Fans Off

As the Arrowverse keeps growing and evolving more romantic relationships flourish. Some of the couples we have seen over the years have been nothing but a joy to watch. On the other hand, some couples are pushed together against all logic or better judgment that they've become intolerable. You can only play with the will-they-won't-they trope for so long, unless you're The X-Files, until it becomes repetitive and senseless. And forcing together a couple when the actors just don't have any chemistry to speak off always leads to a disaster.

Other times, the couples just don't have anything to offer to retain the fans' interest. But the worst sin that these awful pairings often commit is ruining the characters and the entire show. Arrow, more so than the other three shows, has turned into a real soap opera with dirty secrets such as illegitimate children coming to surface and everyone dating everyone. Well, unless they're related. There is a line they won't cross. Some of these Arrowverse couples have us all reaching for the remote every time they show up on the screen, but they're usually impossible to avoid. Scroll down and find out which 18 Arrowverse couples turned fans off.


In a scenario lifted right of the pages of a soap opera script, Tommy Merlyn falls for his best friend's ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance. While Tommy's feelings for Laurel were genuine, as evidenced by the fact that he gave his own life to save her, Laurel's heart was clearly not in the same place. But it's not that this pairing didn't make any sense or that there wasn't chemistry between them, it's just that their relationship served as a mere plot device.

Looking at some of the moments these two had as a couple makes us wish the writers dared to give this couple a fighting chance. Unfortunately, their entire relationship was a charade designed with two ends in sight -- creating tension between Oliver, Tommy and Laurel and inspiring Laurel to become the Black Canary. Needless to say, neither shippers nor non-shippers alike were satisfied with the way this was handled.


Remember Adam? Cat Grant's estranged son? In season one, Adam was introduced as Kara's love interest, but didn't stick around long enough to become relevant. In fact, in just two episodes the couple got together and broke up, leaving all of us wondering what was the point of it all. Their brief romance seemed so unnecessary and forced, that finding out that Blake Jenner was Melissa Benoist's real-life husband at the time was eye-opening for the fans.

Perhaps the only purpose this relationship had, aside from servicing Blake Jenner's career, was to bring Kara and Cat closer together and then have them fall apart once again after the couple broke up. Adam hasn't reappeared on the show and it's doubtful that he ever will since the couple got divorced.



With the Atom being one of the main characters on DC's Legends of Tomorrow it's easy to forget that Ray Palmer started on Arrow. The character was introduced as Oliver's adversary both in business and in the affairs of the heart at the beginning of the show's third season. It was obvious to everyone that Ray and Felicity had much more in common than her and Oliver, and their friendship developed into a romantic relationship.

Ray and Felicity had good chemistry and their relationship could have worked, but the fandom wouldn't let it happen. Olicity shippers were pretty vocal in their dislike of the newly formed couple. But as it turns out the writers didn't have any huge plans for the two either since Felicity dumped Ray pretty fast because Oliver.


Ever since his first appearance, Winn has become somewhat of a fan favorite. With his kind heart, bravery, smarts, good looks and absolute adorableness Winn easily won over the hearts of the fans. However, despite all of these qualities his love life hasn't been the most successful. During the first season, Winn mostly made googly eyes at Kara over James's shoulder. He also briefly dated Siobhan, who became the Silver Banshee.

His last relationship with the alien Lyra Strayd seemed to be going just fine and the fans mostly supported it at the beginning. However, Lyra then became aggressive and manipulative, which was a big turn off for fans of the show and Winn. The couple broke up, much to everyone's delight. And we're now hoping Winn finally finds a girl that is worthy of him.



Why were these two a thing? There's nothing horrible or offensive about Wally and Jesse's relationship, but it's not a relationship that needs to exist. The Arrowverse has a tendency to make and break couples more often than a soap opera, and Wally and Jesse were just collateral damage. The two bonded over their desire to be heroes and later over their shared superpowers but their relationship lacked any meaningful context.

What's even worse, the writers failed to properly plan both the characters and their relationship, which resulted in Wally and Jesse fading into the background. Even in the fourth season, it's clear that the writers don't know what to do with either of these two speedsters. The solution they've come up with is to break them up in the lamest possible way and possibly send Wally off with the Legends.


Kendra's stay in the Arrowverse may have been short, but she certainly didn't waste any time. When she was first introduced on The Flash, Kendra caught the eye of S.T.A.R. Labs' resident nerd and comic relief, Cisco Ramon. At the time, Kendra who had no memories of her past lives, was working at CC Jitters, after first shooting Cisco down decided to give him a chance. The two dated for a short time, but they were quite literally not meant to be.

Kendra ended up leaving with Carter, saving us all from this horrible relationship that served only to introduce the Hawks. For many fans, Kendra and Cisco just never fit and no one was shedding any tears when their relationship came to an end.



Here's a controversial couple. Oliver and Sara shaking up after she arrived alive and well in Starling City was the worst possible choice the writers could make with her character. Although, some would argue that these two have so much in common and that because of that they should be together, Oliver and Sara just didn't seem to be all that into each other. Their relationship lacked any deeper involvement and served only to create more unnecessary drama.

And once Nyssa turned up and we discovered that Sara was in fact in love with her, the whole thing with Oliver made even less sense. No one quite understood why this relationship existed and not many people wanted it to continue and not only because they shipped Olicity.


Seems like the writers on Arrow and The Flash decided go in different directions when it comes to comic book-accurate couples. The Flash stuck to the comics and Arrow went with an original pairing. But a good part of Arrow fans will never be able to forgive the writers for breaking up Laurel and Oliver.

The couple dated before Oliver’s shipwreck and for a short time after he came back, but they never got the chance to live up to the relationship from the comics. And while this change didn’t mean that much to the non-comic book fans, those who have been reading Green Arrow for years saw this as one of the show’s major letdowns. Still, truth be told, the actors just didn’t have any chemistry on-screen.



Does anyone even remember these guys anymore? If you're lucky, you've succeeded at erasing the Hawks from your mind forever. But we're still gonna have to refresh your memory. Kendra and Carter were the pivotal point of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow and at the same time the absolute worst part of the show. The reincarnated lovers dealing with one of them suffering from memory loss sounds like a promising concept.

Yet, the Hawks managed to take what was supposed to be a love story for the ages and bludgeon it to death with their unlikable personalities and complete lack of chemistry. Of all the Arrowverse couples, Kendra and Carter were possibly the weakest, especially considering the weight their relationship was supposed to have.


What happens in Russia stays in Russia, right? Well, not really. Oliver and Isabel Rochev may have started their affair in Russia but they sure didn't leave it at that. In season two, Oliver dated Isabel Rochev, the woman who allied herself with Slade Wilson to take over Queen Consolidated and destroy Oliver and his family. You sure know how to pick them Oliver. Needless to say, the fans didn't like Oliver's newfound romance, probably since they knew she was bad news.

Not even the fact that Isabel Rochev was portrayed by the beloved Summer Glau could have saved the character from almost unanimous hate. Luckily though, her affair with Oliver didn't last long and she was killed off at the end of the season. Oliver and Isabel's relationship was especially hated by Olicity shippers who were impatiently waiting for their ship to become canon.



Comic book fans rejoiced when Iris West and Barry Allen finally tied the knot during the Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X". However, not everyone was happy about this turn of events. A great portion of The Flash fans have been shipping Barry with Caitlin or Patty or anyone else but Iris. Feeling that Barry and Iris’s chemistry just wasn’t strong enough for the couple to be end game, fans started looking for other options for the Scarlet Speedster.

The writers, on the other hand, had apparently always had Barry and Iris all planned out. But that begs the question, why portray their relationship so poorly? Somehow, Iris all of a sudden having an epiphany that Barry is her one and only true love felt unnatural, fake, weak and a necessary plot device since they had no other way to bring the couple together.


For a brief period of time, Barry and Felicity wasn’t an uncommon ship. While Felicity was still dealing with her feelings for Oliver and Barry was still pining over Iris, the nerdy duo briefly considered getting together during one of the crossover episodes. However, they quickly realized they were in love with other people and decided to remain just friends.

While this ship probably still has some supporters, over time it has been mostly forgotten. And even when it was popular, there were a lot of fans who despised the idea of Barry and Felicity being in a relationship. Some hated it because they shipped WestAllen, others because they shipped Olicity. But, overall the Barry and Felicity relationship just wasn’t a popular enough idea.



The writers on Supergirl have been trying to find the perfect match for Kara for quite some time, yet not one relationship she was in was positively received. After three failed attempts in the first season, the show introduced yet another contender, Mon-El, in season two. The Daxamite crash landed on Earth and Kara decided to take him in like a little puppy to teach him how to be a hero like herself.

Her task proved to be challenging and she ended up having to clean up Mon-El's mess more often then not. As they started to fall in love, Mon-El's mischievous behavior was supposed to be endearing, but didn't quite come off that way. The fans felt that Mon-El wasn't really Kara's type and as it turns out he wasn't. The former Daxamite prince ended up changing everything about himself to please Kara.


For a socially awkward nerd, Barry sure gets around. Before Iris finally realized that Barry is the love of her life, Barry dated Linda Park. Their relationship was short-lived mostly due to the fact that Barry could not share his secret with her. In the end, it turned out Linda's only purpose on the show was for Iris to see Barry with another woman and realize that she's always been in love with him (yet never showed any signs of said love before).

While they were dating, the couple spent most of their time arguing because Linda kept accusing Barry of not spending enough time with her. The fans didn't like Linda and they didn't like Barry when he was with her. The straight arrow Barry started resembling the pre-shipwreck Oliver Queen and no one was digging the change.



For the entirety of season one, Kara was absolutely smitten with James Olsen. She spent most of the time making googly eyes at him and James was equally love-struck. However, nether of them was in a rush to confess their feelings. Especially, with James still married to Lucy Lane and Winn having feelings for Kara. But once all of those issues were kind of resolved the couple finally got together at the end of season one.

Their chemistry wasn't the greatest though and at the beginning of season two the writers decided to split them up using Kara's superhero duties as an excuse. While a good number of fans hated  the relationship from the beginning, almost everyone hated the way it abruptly ended. It felt unnatural for the head-over-heals Kara to have a change of heart so suddenly.


Why this couple ever existed still boggles the minds of Arrowverse fans. In case you're actually a supporter of this ship, we'd like you to come forward and explain to the rest of us why it's so great. For reasons unknown, Ray Palmer suddenly develops an attraction towards Kendra. Kendra, who is still forever bound to Carter, takes pity on Ray and starts dating him. They get stuck in the '50s and live a happy married life, until they're rescued and Kendra ditches the Legends and Ray without a second thought.

Their relationship was so one sided, that it seemed as if Kendra was forced to be with Ray, who constantly tried too much to make her fall in love with him. This forced relationship never caught on with the fans, who found it annoying and couldn't wait for the show to be done with it.



Olicity. The thorn in the eye of every second Arrow fan. Ever since Felicity first appeared on Arrow a good portion of fans has been shipping her with Oliver Queen. The rest of the fans abhorred the very thought of it. The writers decided to board the Olicity ship and soon started circling around Oliver and Felicity’s unresolved sexual tension.

After much soap opera-esque drama the Olicity ship has lost much of the support from the start of the show. Season six saw the couple’s reunion after a year-long separation due to some very implausible reasons. During the "Crisis on Earth-X" event, Oliver and Felicity hijacked Barry and Iris’s wedding and tied the knot. The reactions to this marriage were mixed, with most fans still feeling cheated because Oliver was supposed to be with Laurel.


Out of all the relationships Oliver had (and there were many) this one was the dumbest and most illogical. Oliver and Susan's attraction came completely out of the left field. The snarky reporter swore to unmask the Green Arrow and did everything in her power to make Oliver's life impossible. Yet, for some unknown reason Oliver felt that he should date her. Well, sleep with her and ditch her every chance he got.

The fans, however, hated Susan and everything that had to do with her, so when she and Oliver started their affair no one was happy about it. The writers apparently took note of the unpopularity of the new couple and decided to get rid of Susan by slowly fading her out. So it seems she was introduced for the sole purpose of creating more soap opera-esque drama.


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