<i>Back To The Future</i> Sneaker Trailer Features Hader, Durant And <i>Lloyd</i>

Is it wrong that the only thing I could think when this trailer ended was, "Where's Crispin Glover?"

As you might have read, Nike is going to release a line of Air Mags sneakers based on the high-tech self-lacing shoes seen in Back to the Future: Part 2. The earlier was a brief teaser in advance of Nike's official reveal on Thursday. Now there's a proper trailer, offering some more info about the upcoming release with the help of Kevin Durant, Bill Hader and Future star Christopher Lloyd.

The Air Mags apparently won't be self-lacing -- no laces evident in this trailer, as you can see -- but it will light up. It could be a joke just for the trailer, but it sounds like you get four hours of lit-up feet on a single charge. Oh, yes, these sneakers require a charger. I'm not sure this is a future I want to live in anymore.

The sneaks will be released in a limited run of 1,500 in an eBay auction that started Thursday. All proceeds will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. There are more details to be found at Back4theFuture.com.

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