'Back to the Future' Screenwriter Looks at the Present He Predicted

Screenwriter Bob Gale looked back on the future of "Back to the Future Part II" with an interview with The Hollywood Reporter where he discussed the predictions he and director Robert Zemeckis came up with the then-future 2015, including those that came through, those that fell short and those they never saw coming.

"The fact that we have drones that can take news pictures -- now that was just a joke," Gale said. "We weren't seriously thinking about how that technology would work, but wow. They don't walk our dogs yet, but that'll happen."

The drones seen in the film were something Gale and Zemeckis nailed without knowing but others inventions the screenwriter said he knew were an eventual reality and he "would have put money" on them, such as the television sets and video conferencing.

The most interesting prediction that definitely came true was the '80s nostalgia seen in the film. What was funny then -- the idea of traveling from 1985 to a future that referenced and paid homage to that exact time period -- is now reality. There is certainly a love of the '80s going on today. But Gale said he knew that would be the case.

"You're always going to be nostalgic about what happened 30 years ago," he said.

As for the one thing Gale said there was no way he could predict -- were smartphones.

"It's the Swiss Army Knife of today," he said. "The fact that everyone can have one device that's a computer, that's a camera, that's a recording device, that's a calculator, that's a flashlight ... we didn't think of that."

Gale shouldn't feel too bad though. No one could have predicted the power of the smartphone and how much they would grow to dominate our lives and culture.

"Back to the Future" celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year, and October 21 marks the famous day Marty and Doc arrive to from 1985.

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