'Back To The Future' Documentary Explores Trilogy's Cultural Resonance

A documentary focusing on the cultural resonance of the "Back to the Future" trilogy is currently trying to get up to 88 miles an hour on Kickstarter. The documentary, titled "Back in Time," is being readied for release this year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first "Back to the Future" film and has already had one successful go on the crowdfunding platform.

The first campaign, which was launched in 2013 for a doc focused on just the DeLorean Time Machine, raised over $45,000 dollars; the new campaign aims to add another $50,000 to the budget, which has become necessary as the film's scope has expanded out to include all aspects the entire "Back to the Future" trilogy and its cultural impact. The filmmakers note that because of the overwhelming success of the first campaign, they landed interviews with star Michael J. Fox and director Robert Zemekis as well as many others.

"Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Bob Gale, Dean Cundey, Kevin Pike, and so many more cast and crew have lent their time to our efforts to chronicle the impact of the films," writes Jason Aron on the Kickstarter page. "Plus some of the most amazing fans any movies have ever been blessed with, including Time Machine experts like Joe Walser; the Hendersons, who are responsible for bringing us hoverboards by 2015; and the Hollers, whose support for the Michael J. Fox foundation brings new perspective to what dedication a fandom can spawn."

To learn more about "Back in Time," check out the Kickstarter video below.

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