Back-to-Back Sequels Planned for <i>Cabin Fever</i> Franchise

Back in 2002 a little contagion-in-the-woods movie called Cabin Fever launched a writer and director by the name of Eli Roth into the minds of horror-movie fans. He would go on to greater acclaim and success after releasing Hostel in 2005, but fans of his first feature appreciated not only the creepy special effects used to send a group of friends into the depths of disease, but also Roth's ability to build tension that felt real. That movie ended with the promise of a much larger story that was touched upon in the sequel Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.

According to Variety, the Indomina Group will continue Roth's vision with a pair of back-to-back sequels called Cabin Fever: Outbreak and Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. Outbreak is being written by Leatherface 3D's Adam and Deborah Marcus and will be set on a Caribbean island ravaged by a flesh-eating virus. Meanwhile, Patient Zero will be penned by The Hitcher screenwriter Jake Wade Wall. That one involves a research ship that's run into by a cruise ship -- also in the Caribbean.

As with the first sequel, it appears as though Roth will have zero involvement; it remains to be seen whether the same can be said for any of the cast members. It would seem unlikely, considering the vastly different locales, but that's never stopped a horror sequel before.

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