A Botanist Disputes James Gunn's Baby Groot Claim/Explanation

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Even though the Guardians of the Galaxy's resident plant-life member was well into his teenage years in Avengers: Infinity War, fans still can't seem to forget about Baby Groot, who was born from older Groot's sacrifice in the final moments of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2.

Director James Gunn has gone on record as saying Baby Groot is the original Groot's son, reiterating that Baby Groot has no memory of his dad’s allies from the first film, meaning that he was effectively raised by the Guardians. However, British-Malaysian botanist James Wong has decided to dispute this explanation, claiming Baby Groot is a clone of his deceased counterpart.

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Wong first references how Baby Groot is created from one of Adult Groot's broken twigs. Thus, Baby Groot is formed from vegetative propagation, a type of asexual reproduction since plants retain their original stem cells. The final piece of the puzzle is knowing that Earth plants can retain information around itself, even without a living brain for storage. Wong ends with, "If Baby groot is a cutting, it is likely it retains Big Groot’s memories!"

What we have on our hands is a case of a cloned Groot that possesses all of the dead Groot's memories. Again, this goes against Gunn's claim that the young shrub has no memories of his allies, but if what the botanist said is true, then it gives a whole new spin on Teenage Groot's final words in Infinity War.

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