Baby Driver 2 Draft Complete, Introduces 'Whole Swathe of New Characters'

Writer and director Edgar Wright has completed a draft of Baby Driver 2.

Released in 2017, Baby Driver centers around a young getaway driver named Baby who ends up chased by the very criminals he betrayed. The movie became a massive critical and commercial hit, and is the most successful film of Wright's career. A longtime passion project for Wright, the overall success of the movie convinced Sony to give Wright the go-ahead for a sequel film. Now, it looks like Wright has been making the first steps towards completing the next entry in the story.

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While speaking with Empire, Wright revealed that he's finished a draft of the follow-up film. “A first draft of Baby Driver 2 exists,” Wright told the publication. The script reportedly features a number of new characters to deal with the relativity few survivors of the original Baby Driver. It also reportedly takes the story in a new direction, although he didn't elaborate any further on the plot of the film.

This is one of three projects Wright spoke to Empire about, including an upcoming psychological horror film and a documentary about the cult hit band Sparks. Wright didn't give any indication when he expects Baby Driver 2 will be completed.

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