Baaa before Zod: Zoo's newborn goat named after Superman foe

The Maryland Zoo clearly doesn't know what it's in for.

The 135-acre park in Baltimore welcomed a new addition to its herd of African pygmy goats on March 16, and promptly named it Zod. Yes, after the Kryptonian supervillain.

You see, the zoo has established a Superman theme for its pygmy goats; Zod's parents are Lex and Lois, which opens a whole other can of worms that will likely be addressed in DC Comics' Rebirth initiative.

Zod now weighs seven pounds, and according to the zoo, is growing rapidly, undoubtedly from absorbing energy from our yellow sun.

"He is still quite young, but is exploring his new barn, playing with Lois and napping,” Carey Ricciardone, mammal collection and conservation manager, said in a statement. “As always, our staff will continue to monitor Lois and Zod closely to ensure that they are doing well together.”

Ricciardone added, “We encourage visitors to stop by to visit Zod and watch him grow up all summer long," after which point the Kryptonian kid will launch his conquest of the zoo.

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