Azzarello and Doe Unleash "American Monster" at AfterShock

The burgeoning AfterShock Comics line continues to expand with another new series from a high-profile creative team: Brian Azzarello and Juan Doe will team for the first time for "American Monster," announced Wednesday by the publisher.

Here's the official description: "War changes people. The person who leaves is never the person who returns. Theo Montclare is such a person. Horribly scarred and disfigured during his tour of duty, Theo returns to the small Northwestern town that was once his home a changed man, transformed emotionally and physically, both in appearance and in perception. But is he a returning hero or a modern day Frankenstein?"

Azzarello, best known as the co-creator of "100 Bullets," is currently co-writing DC Comics' much-publicized "The Dark Knight III: The Master Race" alongside Frank Miller. Doe has illustrated Marvel series including "X-Men: The 198" and "Legion of Monsters," along with stylish cover illustrations at a number of publishers.

"American Monster" is scheduled to launch in January 2016, and is the fifth AfterShock series to be announced; following December-debuting titles "Replica" from writer Paul Jenkins and artist Andy Clarke
, "InSeXts" from writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Ariela Kristantina
, "SuperZero" from co-writers Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, and artist Rafael de Latorre
 and "Dreaming Eagles" from Ennis and Simon Coleby.

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