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Axel Alonso Teases Wolverine/Hulk Mash-Up Character With New Art

by  in Comic News Comment
Axel Alonso Teases Wolverine/Hulk Mash-Up Character With New Art

There’s one thing that former Marvel mainstays Wolverine and the Hulk have in common right now: they’re both dead. Logan died in the aptly titled “Death of Wolverine” event in late 2015 and Bruce Banner, the original incredible Hulk, was killed as part of 2016’s big “Civil War II” event. Judging by a new piece of art tweeted by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, it looks like the Hulk and Wolverine are about to have something else in common — namely, a body.

The art, which Alonso paired with the caption “Under Construction,” shows a mystery Hulk-shaped character in a massive glass tank. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the hulk-like character also has six claws protruding from his hands, similar to Wolverine. The tank itself also has “Batch H” written on it.

The identity of this character and their relationship to Wolverine and the Hulk remains a secret. Other characters have taken on the Wolverine and Hulk mantles since those characters died — four, to be exact. The Hulk name has been passed down to two characters, Amadeus Cho (star of “Totally Awesome Hulk”) and ex-She-Hulk Jennifer Walters (who now stars in the “Hulk” comic). Similarly, Wolverine’s young clone Laura Kinney has traded in her X-23 codename to star in “All-New Wolverine.” Old Man Logan, an alternate reality version of Logan from a distant future, also has his own title.

This pairing isn’t surprising considering that Wolverine and the Hulk also have a history together. Wolverine debuted in a storyarc spanning “Incredible Hulk” #180-181, where the clawed government agent was dispatched to take on and take down the Hulk and Wendigo.

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