AXC Launches "21 Demons" at the New York Comic-Con

Exhibiting at the forthcoming New York Comic-con, newly formed UK based publisher, Altered Expression Comic Studios is set to launch its first ongoing title, 21 Demons.

The series, written and created by AXC's boss, Paul Roper is enhanced by a seasoned creative team and includes the talents of artist Neil (Mr.T, Starship Troopers, 2000ad) Edwards , inker Jimmy (BloodRayne) Reyes and colorist, Eva (2000ad, Fables, Shadowmancer) de la Cruz.

Roper, a dedicated life-long comic book fan, will be signing copies of a special 'preview' edition of the book over weekend and promises that any fans visiting the A.X.C. booth will not go away 'empty handed'.

21 Demons officially launches via comic book stores in August 2007 and already the property has garnered much interest outside of the comic book industry. An animation studio is producing a sequence for interested third parties and several toy manufacturers have been attracted to the plethora of characters within the 21 Demons series.

About 21 Demons:

Merged with the power of a dragon , elf and angel the lead character, Neil Smithers - a British fire-fighter - finds himself caught in the immortal war between heaven and hell. He must seek out all of the 21 Demons, guardians of the gate nexus, and try to stop them from opening the doorway that will release the dark lord of hell -- Sati Khan.

Issue one will be poly-bagged will be one of nine randomly inserted limited edition trading cards - showing each character's statistics. If the inclusion of these cards proves a success with fans then A.X.C will continue to add a new one each and every issue, building a CCG (collectable card game) in the process.

21 Demons - New York Comic-con Preview Edition

28 PP

Card Stock Cover.

$2.00 from the A.X.C booth

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