The Avengers: 15 Awful Members From The '00s Who Ruined The Team

“AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” is the war cry that every leader of Marvel’s top superhero team shouts at the top of their lungs to their fellow team members. That signals to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that it is time to go into battle. Whether it be an army of Hand Ninjas or potential Earth-shattering threats such as Loki, Thanos, or Ultron, the Avengers spring into action to defend the Marvel Universe. Hundreds of heroes (and even some former villains) have become household names thanks to the Avengers. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Scarlet Witch, the Vision, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, and even Spider-Man and Wolverine’s profiles exponentially benefited and grew from numerous stints on many Avengers teams.

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But over the past 54 years, the Avengers have welcomed some questionable members into their ranks. Some of these heroes that CBR discovered were either their teams’ weak links, had a limited amount of time as an Avenger or even betrayed the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes numerous times after receiving multiple chances. Without further ado, here are the 15 Avengers that we would recommend that the team’s legendary butler, Edwin Jarvis, would not open the Avengers Mansion’s massive doors anytime in the future for these ’00 team members.

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Wanda Maximoff had two bad days, and on those days, she changed the Marvel Universe in the worse possible ways. It all started with Brian Michael Bendis’ first story arc: “Avengers Disassembled,” where the Scarlet Witch’s out-of-control reality warping powers destroyed the Avengers Mansion, killed and wounded beloved fan favorite characters, and unleashed her teammates’ worst fears.

Several short months later, Wanda’s powers warped reality once again and transformed Earth-616 into a mutant paradise ruled by the "House of M". Eventually, the Scarlet Witch found out that her father, Magneto and twin brother, Quicksilver, manipulated her. She punished them with three words that still haunt mutantkind to this day: “No More Mutants.” While Wanda secluded herself after "House of M", she caused a lot of irreparable damage, and both her character and mutantkind was never the same.


Bobbi Morse-Barton had a rough time in the '00s. The Skrulls captured Hawkeye's ex-wife in Secret Invasion, and she was revealed to be alive at the end of the Marvel crossover. Mockingbird immediately had to go into hiding with her ex and the New Avengers in New Avengers, Vol. 1 #48. Norman Osborn became the United States’ top cop and formed a dark version of S.H.I.E.L.D. called H.A.M.M.E.R.

In addition to facing a powerful Dark Avengers team, Mockingbird also had to duke it out with villains that outmatched her abilities including numerous members of the Hood’s army and a Dormammu-possessed Parker Robbins. While Jewel, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Woman were powerhouses on the team, it was hard for readers to define what role Mockingbird played during the New Avengers.


Jonas Vision

During the '00s, a few Visions were running around the Marvel Universe. One of them was the combination of the original Vision’s programming and Iron Lad’s persona. The Vision became a staple of the Young Avengers team, but he sought his own identity: Jonas. He was among several characters summoned by “Scarlet Witch” to form the second incarnation of the Mighty Avengers.

While Jonas became part of Hank Pym’s ragtag team, he struggled to balance his duties between the Mighty Avengers and his original team. Unlike both Amadeus Cho and Stature, who were front and center in Mighty Avengers, it seemed like Jonas felt out of place working with the likes of Hank Pym, Hercules and Jocasta. Jonas found his way on this list by being a permanent background character and did not have a role on this team.


Luke Cage’s BFF joined the team after the Secret Avengers lost the first Civil War. Danny Rand served as the team’s benefactor when he joined his former Hero-for-Hire in New Avengers, Vol. 1 #27. Iron Fist was a great help to the Secret Avengers. When they tackled the Hand, and he successfully called out Tony Stark and the Mighty Avengers when the former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director confronted the Marvel Knight about supporting Luke Cage and his allies.

But, as an Avenger, he stumbled along the way. Doctor Doom’s Venom bomb infected him, and he was brutally beaten by the Hood and his villain army before and after "Secret Invasion". Also, Iron Fist was an unnecessary addition to the Secret Avengers also had the Sorcerer Supreme on the team. Plus, he abandoned and returned to the team numerous times throughout Bendis’ New Avengers run.



Scott Lang’s daughter, Cassie Lang, remains the first offspring of an Avenger to join the team. She received a distress call from the “Scarlet Witch” to help her save Quicksilver. Eventually, she along with fellow Young Avenger, Jonas, joined Avengers founding member Hank Pym in the second incarnation of Mighty Avengers. While Stature is a strong character, her motives for joining the team were not noble.

Cassie had a bone to pick with the “Scarlet Witch” for murdering her father during “Avengers Disassembled.” Ms. Lang’s vendetta nearly cost her position on both the Mighty Avengers and Young Avengers teams. Over the years, some Avengers have served alongside each other and who hated their guts but put their animosity to save the world. If Ms. Lang was not mature enough to handle her feelings, she should not have been on the team.



Introduced in Avengers, Vol. 3 #77, Kelsey Leigh showed signs as a potential hero when she saved both Captain America and the Wasp from Thunderball. As she took a blunt of Thunderball’s attack, Leigh’s sub-conscience transported to the Otherworld where its current ruler, Brian Braddock, awarded her with the Captain Britain title because of her heroics. The new Captain Britain also played a crucial role in defeating Morgaine Le Fey when she targeted the team.

However, Kelsey’s time on the team was cut short during “Avengers Disassembled” when She-Hulk went on an out of control rampage and critically injured her and she disappeared from the title. Kelsey Leigh was not given the amount of time needed for fans to bond with her. Also, veteran Excalibur fans had a bitter taste in their mouths when she inherited Captain Britain’s mantle from Brian Braddock over a small heroic action.



Maya “Echo” Lopez holds the honor of being the very first Native American to join the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes line-up. The Matt Murdock ally joined the team after the New Avengers traveled to Japan to stop the Silver Samurai under her first alias: Ronin. Echo was a noble fighter and showed prowess against “Elektra” and the Hand pre-"Secret Invasion" and also tried to stop the Hulk’s forces in "World War Hulk".

That being said, the former loner had a hard time adjusting to life as an Avenger. She was quickly susceptible to outside forces such as the Hand’s brainwashing and Doctor Doom’s symbiote bomb. Also, Echo faced opponents that genuinely overpowered her. Finally, she abandoned the New Avengers after "Secret Invasion". By abandoning the team when they needed her the most, it left a bitter taste in fans’ mouths.


One of the Avengers’ first recruits of the '00s was Triathlon. While Delory Garrett, Jr. made his debut in the pages of Avengers, Vol. 3 #8, he joined the team 19 issues later. This Avenger made the list because he was forced into their new line-up after a public smear campaign by Triathlon’s former employer, Jonathan Tremont, against the team. Triathlon spent issues being hostile to his team members.

While Triathlon thawed out and built bonds with both Pulsar and Warbird, he initially played a big role in Kang the Conqueror’s defeat during the conclusion of “The Kang Dynasty.” As he did help defeat Kang, fans could not shake off his initial first impression and were openly displeased with both his story arc and power set. Thankfully, Triathlon remains inactive with the Avengers teams.


13 Silverclaw Avengers

Like Triathlon, Maria de Guadalupe Santiago (known as Lupe) had a hard time being accepted by the fan base. She first came into the Avengers’ world via Edwin Jarvis, who used part of his salary to donate to Lupe’s orphanage and always told her about the Avengers. Jarvis’ tales fascinated her so much that she wanted to attend college in America.

While the Avengers thought she was a foe due to her being blackmailed into helping Moses Magnum, Silverclaw eventually revealed the truth and was reunited with Jarvis. As Lupe became a reserve member, she held her own against Diablo and assisted the team during “The Kang Dynasty.” Silverclaw made this list because of her inexperience in battle, unappealing power set, and being torn between the team and Empire State University responsibilities.


Jocasta in Mighty Avengers

Jocasta made her Avengers debut during Mighty Avengers #21 when she joined Hank Pym’s ragtag team. Like Ultron’s creator, Jocasta was dragged into the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ ranks by the “Scarlet Witch.” While Jocasta proved her worthiness as an Avenger, her story arc made readers cringe. She lusted after Hank Pym and even kissed him. This act greatly disturbed longtime Avengers confidant, Edwin Jarvis, who likened the act into “granddaughter kissing a grandfather.”

Jocasta also was replicating her body, which unknowingly created an opportunity for Ultron himself to infiltrate the team. As Pym’s Avengers faced off against both the Unspoken and Osborn’s team, Ultron used one of Jocasta’s bodies to sabotage their headquarters. While Pym was able to convince Ultron to leave them alone by marrying the mechanical Jezebel, Jocasta’s time on the team proved that she was unworthy to be an Avenger.



One of the worse decisions that both Carol Danvers and Tony Stark made as Avengers leaders was inviting the God of War to join the Superhuman Registration Act-backed Mighty Avengers team. While he came in handy against Lady Ultron and symbiote infested New York City residents, Ares later betrayed his comrades in arms when Norman Osborn was handed over the keys to the Avengers’ kingdom. As part of the Dark Avengers line-up, Ares betrayed every single ally when he aligned with Osborn.

Ares brutally attacked the X-Men and nearly destroyed the Secret Warriors when Ares learned that Nick Fury recruited his son, Phobos, to be a part of his private team. But, he redeemed himself in "Siege" when he learned of Osborn’s real agenda. While the Sentry brutally murdered him in Siege #2, Ares did deserve his killing after betraying the Avengers.


Bucky Cap

When Steve Rogers "died" in “The Death of Captain America,” former Captain America sidekick Bucky Barnes took up the mantle. After the events of "Secret Invasion", he became the de facto of the New Avengers. But while Bucky did have the shield and the title of Captain America, he faced an uphill battle as the New Avengers leader.

First, Bucky was underqualified to lead a team full of alpha personalities including Carol Danvers, Clint Barton, Logan, and Luke Cage. Secondly, he was unable to stop his teammates from doing risky activities including Hawkeye calling out Osborn and the Dark Avengers on national television. Also, when Steve Rogers returned to the scene, he slipped to the sidelines and let his mentor lead the charge into "Siege" and "The Heroic Age".



Where do we even begin with Jack of Hearts? Jack Hart was half-human and half-Contraxian whose powers were extremely mismatched. While having the powers of flight and survive unassisted in space, fans could live without Jack’s concussive blasts or sensitive brain. Jack of Hearts was also a regular member of the team during the early '00s and even assisted the team against global threats from Kang in “The Kang Dynasty” and the Red Skull in “Red Zone.”

However, fans did not value him as a hero until he sacrificed his life to save fellow teammate Scott Lang’s daughter and future Young Avenger, Stature. Sadly, the Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic resurrected Jack of Hearts and his self-destruction in Avengers, Vol. 1 #500 was the opening salvo to the "Worst Day in Avengers History".



Before Amadeus Cho became The Totally Awesome Hulk and a member of the Champions, he was part of Hank Pym’s rag-tagged group of Mighty Avengers. The boy genius and his traveling companion and former Avenger, Hercules, were called out by Scarlet Witch, who needed help saving Quicksilver from being possessed by Chthon, the Elder Demon God.

Eventually, it turned out that the Scarlet Witch was Loki in disguise. While Amadeus Cho helped Ultron’s creator get the team out of messes, his immaturity put him on this list. He seemed arrogant at times and even snarky to his fellow team members. Many Marvel superheroes always hope to be invited to this elusive team, but Cho’s attitude turned readers off during his tenure with the Mighty Avengers.



If there was a contest for the “Most Dangerous Avenger of All-Time,” Robert Reynolds could potentially take home the trophy. The New Avengers founding members were able to release him from his solitude during the inaugural story arc: “Breakout.” If ripping the Carnage symbiote apart in outer space was any indication that the Sentry was dangerous, then fans would have to wait to "Dark Reign" to how menacing this mentally unbalanced hero could be.

The Sentry’s evil half, The Void, was so dominant that Norman Osborn wanted to control him. The H.A.M.M.E.R. Director asked Bullseye to assassinate his wife, Lindy, and the Void took over. The Void-controlled Sentry was front and center in "Siege", where the former hero destroyed Asgard, and it took the Avengers’ Big Three to reason with him. If the Sentry is ever resurrected, he should stay away from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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