Awe-Inspiring Star Wars Fan Film Details Blind Jedi's Journey


If you're a massive "Star Wars" fan, then you've seen your fair share of fan films. Odds are, though, that you've never seen a fan film quite like "Hoshino." This new installment in the larger universe of "Star Wars" fan films is gorgeously shot and dives into an area of Jedi training that we've seldom seen addressed in the films: building a lightsaber

The seven-minute short details a blinded Jedi named Hoshino constructing her lightsaber, while also flashing back to her days as a headstrong and impatient apprentice. While the present day scenes show a character constructing a lightsaber, kyber crystal and all, the flashback sequences feel right in tone with the established canon and even use a familiar training tool.

The short comes from director Stephen Vitale and was written by Eric Carrasco. And if Carrasco's name sounds familiar, that's because he's a writer on the CW's "Supergirl"; you'll see his work in the upcoming "Supergirl Lives" episode, which was directed by Kevin Smith. For more info on the making of "Hoshino," you can check out this behind the scenes video.

(via io9)

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