Award-Winning "The Lone And Level Sands" Nominated For Library List

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Fort Lee, NJ -- ASP is proud to announce that THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS was nominated for Great Graphic Novels for Teens, a new list from YALSA, the young adult arm of the American Library Association. The list, highlighting those graphic novels particularly appropriate for young adults aged 12-18, will be finalized at ALA's Midwinter Meeting in January and will serve as a guide of recommended titles librarians can use to further develop their collections with books that appeal to the reading tastes of teens.

This honor comes on the heels of the successful release of THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS Reader's Group Guide that is being used by readers as a jumping-off point to deeper discussions about religion and graphic storytelling.

"Libraries are powerful," said David Lewis, writer of THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS. "As a kid, I loved going to my local library and marveling at all the worlds they had there. Even now, in a university setting, I still have to be in quiet awe of these places. To be part of a library---particularly as part, potentially, of a major accolade---is a big thing not just for a creator but for a book's own metaphorical lifespan. As such, Marv, Jenn, and I are thrilled that librarians have taken such notice of the book, and we hope that teens are equally taken with it."

Graphic novels will be judged by a committee of 11 YALSA members, both school and public librarians. A book must receive 7 yes votes out of the 11 members to earn a place on the final GGNT list. Graphic novels are judged on appropriateness for young adults aged 12-18, how well image and word are integrated, clarity of the panel's flow on the page, ability of the images to convey the necessary meaning, and the quality of the artwork's reproduction. For a complete rundown of all of the nominated titles, please go to:

The award-winning THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS (Archaia Studios Press (ASP), ISBN: 1-932386-12-2, $17.95, 160-page hardcover graphic novel, fully colored by Harvey-nominated artist Jennifer Rodgers) tells of the Israelites and their escape from their Egyptian masters. It's a story told numerous times. But it's the uniqueness of this presentation that is intriguing. Comic book, literary and religion scholar A. David Lewis and artist Marvin Mann chose the graphic novel format to recast the Book of Exodus and tell it from a different point of view: that of the Egyptians and their Pharaoh. Viewed through the eyes of Pharaoh Ramses II, the man who is perhaps either Egypt's greatest leader or its worst villain, we see a man trying to rule wisely, love his family well, and deal justly in the face of a divine wrath.

THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS is a book laced with subtle messages for our time and exhaustively researched. Lewis and Mann drew from the Bible---both Old Testament and New Testament---the Qur'an, Egyptian mythology, anthropology, archeology, and even modern pop presentations of the story of Pharaoh and Moses in preparing their version. It's a thought-provoking piece that would help increase intercultural dialogue and to show how it's helpful and vitally important to look at cultural or religious differences from different perspectives.

The LaLS Reader's Group Guide is free and downloadable as three separate .pdf's. The Guide is easy to get: go to http://www.aspcomics.com/lals_preview.html and download each of the three parts for the graphic novel that is "guaranteed to provoke" [Source: Joe Sutliff Sanders VOYA, Aug 2006].

**LaLS Reader's Guide: Foundation. The starting point.

**LaLS Reader's Guide: Advanced. Features an in-depth analysis by David Burke of The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) as well as additional discussion questions.

**LaLS Reader's Guide: Creator Interviews.

THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS is recommended for Young Adults and up.

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