AvX: Consequences #3

"AvX: Consequences," by Kieron Gillen with art by Scot Eaton, serves as a direct epilogue to "Avengers Vs. X-Men," getting inside the head of the former mutant leader, forcing him to face the results of his actions in "AvX."

Gillen has been on point with this miniseries and continues to be so here -- the direction taken with Summers reinforces the idea he has indeed become the new Magneto -- at least ideologically. Cyclops put mutantkind above everything else in "AvX," including the mass loss of human life. As a result he's been imprisoned by Marvel's Mightiest Heroes. However, these characters are living in a more complicated world than when Magneto was top dog and with that realization comes the crux of this mini: a muddied line between right and wrong.

Gillen and Eaton show Cyclops doesn't need his mutant powers to survive, displaying his hand to hand prowess during a jail fight in defense of a newly activated mutant. With this mutant, a fellow inmate named Jake, Gillen has created a new character in the X-mythos, serving as a sounding board for Cyclops. Whether or not Jake makes it out of "Consequences" alive is anyone's guess, but the strongest moment of this issue comes when he refers to his newfound mutant ability as "a gift." Jake's not in turmoil over his power nor worried how it will mess up his normal life, rather, he's happy he found something unique within himself. The way Eaton draws Cyclops' response to this, and Gillen's ensuing dialogue on the following page, nicely reinforces what's been laid down with Summers in the previous two "Consequences" issues.

Gillen writes a few other cameo appearances including Magic, Storm and Hope, all setting up what's likely to come next in the miniseries, as the focus is staying on Cyclops but clearly widening. Eaton's facial artwork on Magic and Hope looked awkward in moments, but with Summers and Storm he accurately captures their expressions. This issue's final scene reveals Scott's escape is always at hand due to an outside source, but he opts to pay his dues and do things the right way. The question is, what's his endgame? Scott Summers always has a plan and the answer to this question is one Gillen has been teasing.

As a direct epilogue to "AvX," Consequences" succeeds where the "Fear Itself" Point One issues and "Fearless" maxiseries missed their beats -- it builds on the event as opposed to eradicating it, giving readers a solid followup story dissecting the ramifications "AvX" has had on the Marvel Universe's major players.

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