Avon Calling: 'Powers' Artist Covers Buzzboy's Return to Comics in December

[Buzzboy]Buzzboy, "The World's Most Upbeat Superhero," already an internet sensation, is returning to print comics in December with a new trade paperback from Sky-Dog Comics, featuring a cover by comics fan-favorite Michael Avon Oeming. "Many fans and critics have referred to the art in Buzzboy as "Oeming-esque"," said Buzzboy creator and artist John Gallagher, "and I'm honored that Mike, with this cover, was willing to add his own take on Buzzboy." The cover also features colors by X-Men and G.I. Joe colorists, Hi-Fi.

Originally launched as a print comic in 1998, Buzzboy moved to the Internet (www.buzzboy.com) as an animated, daily comic strip in January of 2000. Some 250 episodes later, and with a combined viewing audience of over half-a-million, Buzzboy creator John Gallagher felt it was time to return Buzzboy to a "hard copy" format. "With the increased visibility of comics in the media, as well as the growth in graphic novel and comics trade publishing," said Gallagher, " this seemed like the perfect time to bring Buzzboy back to comics, under the Sky-Dog banner. Hopefully, this will also bring some web-only Buzzboy fans into the comics shops."

After the release of December's Buzzboy: Trouble in Paradise, Gallagher plans to release a series of collected and original Buzzboy graphic novels and trades, as well as several new projects he's currently developing with other creators. Currently being readied for publication is the all-new Buzzboy vs. the Monsters graphic novel (featuring a cover by Neil Vokes), an homage to the monster and sci-fi comics of the 50's and 60's, with that unique brand of Buzzboy humor thrown in. A collection of the Buzzboy Internet comic strips is also planned, possibly as both a printed trade, and in CD-ROM format.

Buzzboy: Trouble in Paradise, a 144-page, $11.95 trade paperback, shipping from Sky-Dog Comics in December, collects the first four issues of the original Buzzboy miniseries, with new art and lettering, a bonus story, and sketchbook section featuring commentary on the creation of Buzzboy. It will be in the Diamond's October Previews, for items shipping in December.

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