Avi Arad Teams With Bruno Wu For Chinese Superhero Movies

Avi Arad is looking to bring some of his superhero movie magic to China. The producer who helped to launch Sony's Spider-Man movie franchise and found Marvel Studios is partnering up with Seven Stars Entertainment's Bruno Wu for a series of hero movies based on Chinese culture.

"Avi is a copious producer of fantasy, superheroes and sci-fi as well as one of the world’s top toy designers," Wu said in a press releasee. “I think it’s important to provide the next generation with role models and Avi is the ideal partner to bring this Chinese myth to life in a multimedia environment, including a major Chinese-U.S. co-production tentpole movie."

"Bruno and I share an affinity for Chinese history and culture and his knowledge will help guide me through this fascinating world of Chinese mythology," Arad said. "We are excited to introduce a new set of superheroes and other wonders of the world in a contemporary way to the Chinese youth and audiences around the world."

The first film on the slate is called Rise of the Terracotta and was created by Arad himself. The film is based on the Terracotta Army statues that were buried with China's first emperor Quin Shi Huang in an effort to protect the leader in the afterlife. Over 8,000 statues of soldiers, chariots and horses were created and left at the emperor's disposal, offering plenty of material for Arad, Wu and the eventual writer and director to work with.

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