'Avengers/JLA' colorist Tom Smith joins Future Comics

Official Press Release

Tom Smith, one of Marvel's premiere colorists, has agreed to take over the regular assignment on Future Comics' flagship title, FREEMIND, beginning with issue #4.

Smith is best known for his work with comics legend George Pérez, his sixty-issue run as colorist of the Avengers and the upcoming mega Marvel /DC crossover--Avengers /JLA.

When asked about the acquisition of Smith, Editor-In-Chief Bob Layton said:

"Tom Smith is one of the few colorists that I have no problem with hiring on-the-spot. Besides being one of the great gentlemen of this industry, Tom totally understands the importance of telling a story with color, a must here at Future Comics.

We're extremely proud to have him onboard".

When asked about the move to Future, Tom Smith replied, "I'm thrilled to be getting the chance to be working for the newest, exciting comic book company to come down the pike in a long time --FUTURE COMICS!

Bob Layton, Dick Giordano, David Michelinie, Ron Lim & Mike Leeke--these guys are some of the best creators in comics today and I'm proud to join them and to call Future Comics my new home.

If you liked my work on Avengers, wait until you see what I do colorwise with Freemind."

FREEMIND #4 will be available in January, only at www.futurecomicsonline.com.

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