Comic Legends: Was Yellowjacket Created so Hawkeye Could Become Goliath?

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Hank Pym became Yellowjacket to free up the name Goliath for Hawkeye to take.



As we have learned a number of times over the years, the order that things occur in does not necessarily tell the tale about how things were invented. For instance, Cameron Chase appeared in an issue of Batman before she appeared in her comic book series, Chase, but the comic book series, Chase, was created first.

So when Hank Pym dropped the Goliath name to become Yellowjacket in Avengers #59...

only for Hawkeye to take on the Goliath name a few issues later...

It would not be shocking to consider a scenario where Roy Thomas decided to make Hawkeye Goliath, and thus had to first free up the Goliath name before giving it to Hawkeye.

Based on some other rumors that suggested that Roy Thomas had a problem with Hawkeye (something I'll address in a future comic book legend), it makes sense, then, for reader Ken B. to think that Hank Pym gave up the Goliath identity so that Hawkeye could take it over.

I asked Roy Thomas about it, though, and Roy explained that at that particular time with this particular story, he was working linearly on the book, so he was planning the issues as they came along. Therefore, he noted that whatever idea came first in the comic was the idea that he came up with first, so no, he was not thinking of having Hawkeye become Goliath until the name has already been vacated by Hank's turn to Yellowjacket.

There ya go, Ken! Thanks to Roy Thomas for the information!

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