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Avengers World #9

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Avengers World #9

One of the best things to come out of Jonathan Hickman’s “Avengers” run (and continued here in “Avengers World”) was the additions of Cannonball and Sunspot to the team. They’re given a nice mixture of competence and humor, able to wisecrack and tease one another even as they fight the good fight. And in “Avengers World” #9, the focus is entirely on these two — and it’s great.

From hanging out in nightgowns and discussing A.I.M.’s amazing banana-bread waffles, to leaping into a future where Thanos was the greatest Avenger ever (or so it’s claimed), there’s a little something for everyone when Cannonball and Sunspot are on a mission. “Avengers World” #9 just made me laugh repeatedly, as the two banter their way through bar fights, flying cars and meeting up with a Jocasta unit. More than anything else, “Avengers World” #9 is just fun.

Nick Spencer doesn’t lose sight of needing to tell a story, though, and that’s something that so often gets lost when you mix comedy with superheroes. The larger “Avengers World” uber-plot that’s been spread into multiple threads does advance here, and even though there’s not a whole lots of meat on the proverbial bones, it moves at such a nice clip that you’ll do a double-take when you realize you’re already at the end of the issue. In terms of cliffhangers, “Avengers World” #9 lands it perfectly, too; it’s not a false-peril moment, but rather an, “Oh, this will be fun” moment. And that’s exactly what you should find with an issue starring Cannonball and Sunspot, in the greatest bromance ever told.

Stefano Caselli’s art is very predictable and dependable, and that continues to hold true here. His characters are drawn very soft and curvy, and by that I mean the way that Cannonball gets squeezed by massive tentacles that are starting to push their way into his nostrils. I love how Caselli’s characters have such pliable faces in fights, and how Sunspot’s cheek is getting flattened against the imaginary clear border between the front of the page and the reader. There’s a lot to love here, like the sidelong glances Cannonball and Sunspot give one another right before engaging in the bar fight, or the ornate cityscape of present day Barbuda. Everything looks inventive and eye-catching thanks to Caselli.

This is a comic that quotes “Back to the Future” twice, and both times the line is wonderfully accurate. What’s not to love? This issue might feel like a bit of a trifle in spots, but it’s so much fun as it luxuriates in everything about it — I bet you’ll love it too.