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Who’s More Attractive: Avengers vs. Justice League

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Who’s More Attractive: Avengers vs. Justice League

What makes a hero attractive? Sure, their physical looks go a long way, but personality definitely helps solidify the deal, just like in real life. There are a variety of heroes with a variety of attributes that make them unique and attractive to readers from all walks of life. For instance, Wonder Woman is of course beautiful, since she’s part god, but it is her heart and belief in standing up for people who can’t that make the package complete in the eyes of fans. Wolverine is a fierce fighter, but keeps himself at a distance from everyone around him for fear of hurting them. Emotionally unavailable men are always desirable. Same as the mysterious women who don’t reveal too much of themselves too soon.

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With all the ridiculously attractive actors portraying comic book characters in movies and TV shows, we went back to basics to answer some fanatical debates on who’s hot and who’s not in comic books. Also, to make it interesting, we’re pitting team against team, comparing members with similar powers to make this whole thing fair. CBR takes a look at some of our favorite Avengers and Justice Leaguers going face-to-face to see who has the best face.


Tony Stark is a notorious ladies’ man until meeting Pepper Potts, eventually giving up his bachelor lifestyle to be with her. Oh, and he’s a world-class techno genius, a founding member of the Avengers and one of the team’s most popular leaders. The character also gained new attention after being in the first film of the contemporary MCU.

Another orphaned billionaire, Bruce Wayne uses his family’s fortune to fight evil and defend the citizens of Gotham City from it’s criminal underworld. A mainstay member of the Justice League, Batman has had his fair share of relationships and heartbreaks. Most recently, our Caped Crusader proposed to his on-again-off-again lover, Catwoman. This should be interesting. While we commend Tony for turning over a new life for Pepper, Batman is the dark and broody winner of this battle.


Formerly a reluctant villain, Hawkeye eventually joins the good guys to become our favorite purple archer. While he and longtime-love Mockingbird were charter members of West Coast Avengers, they would frequently go on adventures on their own, earning them the nickname of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith of the Marvel Universe. Even though they recently parted ways, we hope these two lovebirds can make things work.

Oliver Queen was a ladies man way before he became a superhero, but it wasn’t until after he became Green Arrow that he would meet the love of his life, Black Canary. The two loved and fought evil together, becoming one of the mainstay couples of the DC universe. In the battle of the archers, we’re going with Hawkeye. Everyone loves a bad boy.


Even though she’s been a part of Avengers lore since the early ’80s, Mockingbird’s popularity has recently risen. A founding member of the West Coast Avengers, she was also one of the few members of the team to appear in a live-action TV show, portrayed by Adrianne Palicki in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With a butt-kicking fighting style and a Ph.D in biology, Mockingbird is the perfect mix of brains, beauty and brawn.

One of the premiere DC superheroines and a cultural icon, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl is one tough chick. Even after she was temporarily paralyzed by The Joker, she used her computer hacking skills to continue the fight against evil. As a member of Birds of Prey (and the JLA as Oracle), we’ve seen her be both a leader and a fiercely loyal teammate. This is a tough one, but c’mon. Who’s going to turn down Batgirl?


A Russian spy who later found a home among heroes in the Avengers, Black Widow is one of the deadliest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. She’s been a part of the team for decades, even leading them, thanks to the popularity of her on-screen counterpart played by Scarlett Johansson. Though her looks have changed throughout the years, it’s always a combination of red hair and a catsuit. Thank god.

One of DC’s female superhero pioneers, Black Canary has been a member of the Justice League, Justice Society of America and Birds of Prey. Always in good company, she eventually met the love of her life, Green Arrow, fighting crime and taking names. She’s also a big fan of blonde hair and fishnet stockings. Who isn’t? As deadly as she is beautiful, we’re taking our chances with Black Widow.


The Man of Steel is the most popular superhero in the world. Decades worth of comic books, movies, television shows and animated films have proven this over and over. Considered to be the default leader of the Justice League, he’s as American as apple pie — despite being an alien. He stands for everything good in the world, earning him the moniker of the “Big Blue Boy Scout”.

Patriotic, inspiring and noble are the characteristics that make Steve Rogers the Captain America we know and love. A never wavering belief in the good of people and a militaristic fighting style is what has lead to so much Cap and Bucky fan fiction. Who could blame them? Another close one, but we’re going with Captain America. He can make us see stars and stripes any day.


Machine Man has been hanging around the Marvel Universe ever since the late ’70s, joining various teams including the Avengers, Secret Avengers and Nextwave. Unfortunately, being an android put a serious kink in his love life, no pun intended. In fact, the only girlfriend he ever had was another sentient robot, Jacosta, who was destroyed by Ultron.

Cyborg hasn’t done any better. An athlete before being changed into the man he is today, Cyborg has worked his way up from the Teen Titans to the big Justice League. He’s also featured in both Teen Titans animated series projects. In this case, we are going with Cyborg, if for no other reason than we’d be curious to know exactly how much of his body is bionic.


Firestar has been a member of the Avengers, New Warriors and X-Men throughout the years and is a favorite character in the Marvel Universe. Her explosive powers have come in handy on more than one occasion and, unfortunately, led to a cancer diagnosis (which is in remission). She’s also known for her on-again-off-again relationship with fellow team member Justice.

Fire is a Brazilian Leaguer who can make her body completely lit up in a flaming shade of green. Fire has been part of the League for years and has proven to be a tough and loyal member. However, in the battle of the “hot” chicks, we are going with Firestar because everyone loves a redhead. Plus, a completely flamed-on green girl is kind of a turn-off.


Another former villain-turned-superhero, Scarlet Witch spent a lifetime trying to understand her mutant abilities while using them to fight evil. A mainstay member of the Avengers for decades, she is also known for causing M-Day, wiping out the majority of mutant powers in the world. As a member of the Uncanny Avengers, she’s working her way back to being the superhero she was once.

A magician with the ability to cast spells by speaking the words of her incantations spelled backwards, Zatanna is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. Known for her love of top hats and fishnet stockings, Zatanna has been a long-time member of Justice League and has close partnerships with both Batman and John Constantine. This is another close one, but we prefer a little dark and twisty over insane and world-destroying. Zatanna can cast a spell on us anytime.


Many readers try to pass Echo off as an Elektra knock-off, what with the being convinced by her adoptive father, Kingpin, that Daredevil killed her birth father and her involvement with The Hand. However, we feel Echo has made an impact on the Marvel Universe in her own way, as a member of the Avengers. With photographic reflexes and being one of the few deaf heroes in the comic book industry, she’s definitely left her mark on us.

We’re talking about Helena Bertinelli here folks, the hotheaded vigilante willing to bring a villain to justice no matter the cost. Though she’s slightly mellowed throughout the years after joining other heroes in the Justice League and Birds of Prey, she still earns her name. In the battle of the hellcats, the assertive Huntress makes us want to be her prey.


Scarlet Witch’s twin brother, Quicksilver is one of the fastest mutants (Inhuman?) in the world. Another reformed villain, Pietro Maximoff has been a member of the Avengers and X-Factor throughout the years, eventually marrying the Inhuman Crystal and fathering a child with her, Luna. Although he gets killed in the MCU, he’s still running strong in the comics.

However, in the DC Universe, the Scarlet Speedster is the fastest man alive, using his speed force abilities to fight evil and beat Superman in races. A mainstay of the Justice League, there have been various men who have assumed the Flash identity, the most common one being Barry Allen. Not that we’re a fan of things being over too quick, we’re going with Flash instead of Quicksilver-fox.


Monica Rambeau has had various names throughout the years. She was the second official Captain Marvel while serving in the Avengers, and was even team leader at one point. Following the Marvel Now! reboot, she changed her name to Spectrum and joined the Ultimates. One thing has remained the same, she is able to blow us away with her looks and energy manipulation powers.

Formerly a power-hungry scientist, Kimiyo Hoshi turned over a new leaf as the hero Dr. Light after gaining her light manipulation powers. Even though she is a single mother with two children, Dr. Light has taken part in many missions throughout the years as a member of both the Justice League and Birds of Prey. A powerful combination of beauty and brains, this doctor has us wondering if she makes house calls. Given her recent Halle Berry-type makeover, we’re giving this one to Spectrum.


Vision has never had the easiest existence, from being an artificial intelligence born from a psychotic android to falling in love with a mentally unstable mutant (and don’t even get us started on the whole twin sons thing). However, his character has become quite popular in the Marvel Universe, leading to better storylines in the books for our favorite android.

As one of the many DC characters whose origin gets changed up a little every few years, Red Tornado has also been one of the universe’s loneliest characters. Even though being an android who fights evil and mentors younger heroes sounds cool enough, it definitely doesn’t keep you warm at night. Here’s to hoping ol’ Red gets lucky some day. This is another tough one, but we’re going with Vision. Since he at least has a complete face.


Marvel Comics has put Carol Danvers through the ringer so much, she’s almost like the Jean Grey of the Avengers. She’s had her life (temporarily) stolen from Rogue, she’s experienced several power outages, battled alcoholism and let’s not even get started on that whole pregnancy via rape situation. So, it’s extremely rewarding to see Carol come into her own as the fierce and powerful Captain Marvel.

We’re talking about the real Supergirl here, no alien ooze duplicates allowed, and that means Kara Zor-El. Many may discount her as just a female version of Superman, but she’s made a name for herself throughout the years as a member of the Justice League and Legion of Super-Heroes. Of course, being a hot blonde doesn’t hurt either. In the battle of the blonde powerhouses, Captain Marvel wins by a hair for overcoming the odds.


Scott Lang is one of the most unconventional heroes in the Marvel Universe, which is probably why he’s become so popular. An underachiever who sort of stumbled his way into being a superhero, he’s also been a loving father to his daughter, Cassie. Using his suit to shrink in size but increase his strength, Ant-Man has become the underdog we all love.

A long-term member of both the Teen Titans and the Justice League, Ray Palmer uses his ability to alter his size to help fight the good fight. Also possessing a Ph.D in physics, Atom often uses his brain more than his powers to help get himself and others out of tight spots. He’s also become a mainstay character on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, portrayed by Brandon Routh. In an answer to the age old of question, size definitely matters. We’re going with Ant-Man.


Cousin to Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters gained her super-strength abilities after a blood transfusion from Bruce. While she still maintains her intelligence and emotional control in her She-Hulk form, she also hasn’t let this stand in her way of becoming a highly skilled lawyer who often serves as legal counsel to various superheroes. She’s a team player, being a member of Avengers, Fantastic Four and Heroes for Hire.

An Amazonian demi-god who was a founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is the most popular super-heroine of all time. She’s been an integral part of building the DC universes comic books, animated series and, most recently, being featured in one of the highest-grossing superhero movies ever. Beautiful, brave and diplomatic, Diana is the ultimate female hero. Uhm, yeah. Wonder Woman.

Marvel wins 8-7. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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