Which Golden Age Hero Would Stan Lee Not Let Join the Avengers?

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Stan Lee turned down Roy Thomas' attempt to add the Golden Age Vision to the Avengers.



As I have written about in the past in an old Comic Book Legends Revealed, Roy Thomas was given a number of restrictions when he took over writing the Avengers from Stan Lee, with the most notable one probably being the fact that Lee barred the "Big Three" heroes (Captain America, Iron Man and Thor) from being on the team (so Thomas kept coming up with reasons why they were making guest appearances with the "main" Avengers).

One of the stranger cases of Lee's restrictions resulted in the introduction of one of the greatest Avengers of all-time.

Roy Thomas explained the situation in the introduction to the sixth volume of Avengers: Marvel Masterworks:

Stan still wouldn't let me keep Cap (or Thor or Iron Man) in the book, but now he announced that he wanted me to add a new Avenger. I knew just who I wanted it to be: the Vision, that green-fleshed, other-dimensional entity from 1940s issues of Marvel Mystery Comics, originally done by Jack Kirby (and maybe his partner Joe Simon).

Here is that debut, complete with a casually racist depiction of a black butler...


However, Thomas ran into a problem with this plan:

Stan, though, said no. He wanted a new character...and he wanted it to be an android! Why an android, he never said. But then, he didn't have to. He was The Man. He didn't give me any other instructions or explanation, but left everything up to me. So, being the sly insuborniate that I was, I made up an android -- called the Vision.

It all worked out in the end, I guess!

Still, it'd be interesting it a writer could ever fully adapt the Golden Age Vision into the modern Marvel Age, as he is SUCH a weird character that it would be tough. I bet Thomas could have then, but I wonder if too much time has passed for him to fit in now. A challenge awaits you, some writer out there!

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