Avengers: Tony Stark Debuts Iron Man's Biggest Armor, Ever

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Avengers #5 by Jason Aaron, Paco Median, Ed McGuinness, Juan Vlasco, Mark Morales, Karl Story, David Curiel and Cory Petit, in stores now.

In 2013, Tony Stark discovered that he had a secret origin -- one even he never realized existed. At the time, Marvel readers (along with Tony) learned his very existence had been manipulated into creation by a being known as Rigellian Recorder 451, who hoped that the son of Howard Stark would be able to pilot the Godkiller, an ancient cosmic weapon whose purpose was to slay Celestials. However, much to the chagrin of 451, Tony simply wasn't able to pilot the god-sized armor. All he could do was use 451's technology to hack into the Godkiller's controls, and escape from its containment before it was swallowed into another dimension.

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Now, five years later, we discover that Tony has been hard at work. He may not have been able to pilot the ancient armor, but his experience with the Godkiller was enough to inspire him to build one of his one. That's right, in Avengers #5, Iron Man debuts his biggest creation, ever: The Celestial-slaying Godkiller Armor, Mark II.

Avengers Iron Man Godkiller Armor Mark II

In Avengers' latest chapter, the battle to save Earth from the Final Host reaches a boiling point. The team is cornered, fighting an ancient horde of alien insects rising from the Earth's core, as well as an army of Dark Celestials that have come to annihilate all life on the planet. Things are as bad as it gets, and that is when Tony decides that it's time to call in some reinforcements. The only problem is that this particular backup is 11 minutes away. Why? Because it's flying in from Mars.

Tony keeps his newest invention stashed away on the neighboring planet for cosmic eventualities such as the one the world is currently in. When it finally lands, Iron Man introduces his latest armor to the rest of the Avengers, the giant-sized Godkiller Mark II. This one, Tony has no trouble piloting, given that it's a creation of his own making. The gold-colored armor is easily the biggest suit Stark has ever assembled -- and that is saying something, given that it was just a few weeks ago that the genius-millionaire-philanthropist debuted his Fin Fang Foombuster armor, which was as big as a building.

However, the Godkiller II dwarfs the Fin Fang Foombuster by comparison. This armor was designed to go toe-to-toe with Celestials, meaning that it is as massive as the cosmic beings. We don't yet know what the armor is capable of in terms of firepower and damage, but we should find out in the next issue, when the giant-sized Avengers take on the full might of the Dark Celestials in a battle that is sure to be hard-hitting and Earth-shattering.

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