Avengers: Thor Proves He Could Stop Any Marvel Civil War - Cinematic or Otherwise


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Avengers #3 by Jason Aaron, Paco Medina and Ed McGuinness, in stores now.

Celestials are falling from the sky, and giant insect monsters are rising from the Earth's core -- but that's just par for the course for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, right?

In Marvel's new Avengers comic, trouble is coming from above and below, with the world's superheroes the only line of defense caught in-between. But the Avengers have gone through some woes recently, both together and apart, and this new incarnation of the group isn't exactly on the best of terms. They are only starting to re-connect, to trust each other again. In the third issue of the series, the team is not even fully-established yet; in fact, some of them don't even think they can be a strong and stable team. But the dire circumstances are forcing them to work together.

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As the team battles the gigantic cosmic threat that is the Final Host, Captain America is taken out of the fight for a moment -- but a moment is all it takes for old wounds to open again. With Cap gone, Carol Danvers and Tony Stark are immediately at each other's throats again, on the cusp of reigniting the argument that led to the pair's catastrophic Civil War II feud. But before they take things further, Thor Odinson steps in and puts the fire out, indicating how big of a difference the God of Thunder might have made in Marvel's biggest hero vs. hero fights.

When Iron Man and Captain Marvel begin to bicker, Thor stops them by simply reminding them that this in-fighting is pointless and ridiculous. "Nay! Cease thy civil warring!" he yells. "This is most verily unproductive! This is not how Avengers behave!" And that's it; the anger subsides, and the mission continues. It only takes a single panel for Thor to put a stop to a silly dispute that could have easily been blown out of proportion. After all, the Odinson is a pillar of the Avengers, a trusted friend, ally and warrior who, more often than not, always sees the bigger picture.

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