Thunder Buddies: 10 Avengers Thor Trusts With His Life (And 10 That He Can’t Stand)

Thor is not only the Norse God of Thunder, son of Odin, and resident of Asgard, he’s generally considered to be Earth’s mightiest Avenger. His powerful hammer Mjolnir -- which only he can pick up gives him huge confidence and an inflated ego. Combined with his sheer size, immortal strength, and will to fight for both Asgard and Earth, he’s an important character with a story arc that continues both independently and within the Avengers franchise. On film, he’s often depicted as the wisecracking Avenger, skeptical about modern times and curious about human behavior. This makes him either a great friend or be around or a dangerous foe to square off against, or sometimes both in the same movie or comic book. More often than not, he adds humor to the Avengers franchise, throwing in jabs at Doctor Strange here and making fun of the Guardians of the Galaxy there.

Thor has his share of friends -- Captain America and Hulk being his favorite buddies -- but he also has some rivals within the group. Tony Stark, being as big of a narcissist as Thor is, is definitely one of them. Thor’s interactions with all of the Avengers in the MCU isn’t always well documented. He’s noticeably absent from Captain America: Civil War which clearly divides the Avengers into two teams that oppose each other. But he’s also on his own journey, and with the potential of more Thor films to come, he’s sure to meet up with more of the characters as they also develop and grow. Here’s a look at some of the Avengers he loves and others he loathes.

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Secret Avengers member Valkyrie and Thor's connection is definitely well documented in the Marvel Comics. In the MCU, she is a former Asgardian warrior and leader of The Valkyries who she finds Thor while in exile. When she realizes that her home planet, Asgard, is under attack from Hela, Valkyrie and Thor come together to defeat her but Asgard is destroyed in the process.

For Thor: Ragnarok, screenwriter Eric Pearson opted not to explore a romantic relationship between Thor and Valkyrie as he felt it would take away from developing her character on her own. Since this was only Valkyrie’s first appearance in a Thor movie, there’s certainly a possibility that the two could become more than friends in future films.


Thor’s beef with Iron Man dates back several decades, with one major fight occurring in 1974 in Iron Man Vol. 1 #66. Thor defeats Iron Man easily by making it rain, rusting Iron Man’s armor in the process.

Fast forward to the "Civil War" storyline, where Iron Man uses a strand of Thor’s hair to create a doppelganger called Ragnarok. Of course, the double turns evil and causes chaos, forcing Iron Man to turn on it in order to prevent mass destruction. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what side you're on), neither Thor nor his clone have a role in the Captain America: Civil War film.


Vision’s character arc and relationship with Thor are heavily explored in Avengers: Age of Ultron. After Tony stark uploads J.A.R.V.I.S. into a synthetic body, Thor returns to explain his vision -- that the Infinity Stone on the being’s forehead is one of the most powerful objects in existence and that the Avengers will need it to defeat Ultron.

Vision and Thor team up with the rest of the Avengers to go Sokovia, where Ultron has created a machine to lift up and crash the city. While Stark and Thor disable the machine, Vision attacks Ultron and destroys his last remaining body. Vision is also one of the only other characters that can lift Thor’s hammer.


Wade Wilson War Deadpool Matrix

Deadpool has been known to dress up as Thor and flying around supposedly wielding his impossible to lift hammer. His humorous demeanor and Thor’s serious nature clash in Deadpool Team-Up #887, when Thor catches Deadpool and calls him out as a thief. Deadpool, always a jokester, mocks Thor by commenting: “I really find you very attractive. Did I say that out loud?” Needless to say, Thor doesn’t get the joke.

Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds have also joked about a Thor/Deadpool crossover movie, but with two big egos in the same room, you’d have to expect that one film wouldn’t be big enough for both of them.


Hulk in The Avengers

Thor and Hulk’s relationship is a bit complicated, but overall they are good friends. In The Avengers, Thor is one of the heroes who try to stop Hulk’s rampage. He understands that Bruce Banner himself struggles with controlling Hulk, and he’s empathetic to his friend’s internal conflict.

Thor further makes light of the situation in Age of Ultron, cracking jokes while Bruce tries to explain his issues to Black Widow. Although the two friends battle in a pivotal scene in Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige has explained this was meant to be a catalyst for a larger story arc and a potentially a new trilogy for Hulk.


Legendary comic artist Jack Kirby actually created a few different versions of the Thor character over the years. One that many fans may not be familiar with is the angry, impulsive God of Thunder from Adventure Comics #75 story “The Villian From Valhalla". It’s a rare comic and instance where Thor doesn’t resemble the character we’re used to seeing on screen at all.

In this version, Thor is depicted as an ancient God of war who has “no kindness in his body”. As the bad guy, Thor battles The Sandman’s henchmen in New York, only to have his real identity as a common criminal revealed. He later gets badly beaten up and The Sandman shows up in the hospital to mock him.


In The Avengers, Black Widow is unsuccessful at talking Bruce Banner down by telling him how she’ll help him get better. A fight ensues, and Hulk backs her into a corner. Just as it seems like Black Widow is about to meet her doom, Thor bursts through a wall and stops Hulk, proclaiming: “We’re not your enemy!”

Later, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow flying off in the Quinjet, with Natalia Romanova once again attempting to calm Bruce down. Thor’s connection with Black Widow is largely through his green machine friend, but clearly they’re all on the same side.


Although James Rhodes joins the Thor Corps in the "Secret Wars" storyline of the comic books, his begrudging relationship with Thor is mostly due to his association with Tony Stark. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Rhodey tells a story about at a party in Avengers Tower how he dropped a bomb on a general as War Machine. Unimpressed, Thor and Stark cracks a few jokes at his expense, causing him to leave.

Later, Rhodes is unable to lift Thor’s hammer after the Avengers challenge each other to give it a try. The fact that he’s unable to do it using the War Machine gauntlet makes the party extra embarrassing for Rhodes.


Thor and Hercules have a long history of being both friends and foes. Hercules’ first appearance in the Marvel Universe came in 1965, in the Journey into Mystery Annual #1 comic. He was originally written as an enemy to Thor, and the two had several battles in the Thor and Avengers comics.

Eventually, Thor rescues Hercules from the Greek god Pluto, after Pluto tricks Hercules into ruling the Netherworld under the guise of signing a film contract. After mistakenly fighting Thor on a couple of occasions, the two join forces and defeat the Wrecking Crew. Hercules takes on a larger role in the Avengers and continues to help the team in the "Operation: Galactic Storm" storyline.



Thor and Doctor Strange’s first interaction on-screen occurs in the mid-credits scene of Doctor Strange. Thor explains that he’s returned to Earth to find Odin, since nobody has seen him since the end of Thor: The Dark World. Strange offer assistance, saying: “Allow me to help you”. This line sets up the idea that Strange would have a cameo in the next Thor film.

Indeed, that appearance did take place, only this time Thor and Strange meet with more hesitancy. In Thor: Ragnarok, Strange appears out of the shadows and Thor is weary of him. Strange tells him to put down the umbrella he’s holding as a weapon. The two share jabs before Strange reluctantly reveals that Odin is in Norway.


Black Panther Chadwick Boseman

When Thanos’ army invades Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War, T’Challa is left outnumbered and must fight the Black Order along with Captain America, Bucky, Hulk (in Hulkbuster armor) and many others. The good guys seem to be on the verge of losing the battle when suddenly, Thor, Rocket, and Groot teleport in to help.

One could argue that Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther are also parallel, complimentary stories. Both films are about the titular characters trying to protect their homelands in opposite ways: T’Challa by hiding Wakanda from the outside world, and Thor by enacting Ragnarok and burning Asgard down. Each character must overcome the sins of their fathers and find their own path to heroism.


Since Thor is noticeably absent from the Captain America films, his relationship with Bucky Barnes isn’t entirely clear. However, in the "Secret Invasion" storyline, Barnes confronts Thor after noticing him attempting to save a group of civilians in the park and the two team-up to help in the fight.

With Steve Rogers (the original Captain America) being one of Thor’s good friends, it’s hard to imagine he would get along with Bucky after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The two are later seen in Avengers: Infinity War defending Wakanda together, but that partnership is probably more of a working relationship than a promise to defend each other’s lives.


The Avengers sees Captain America attempting to break up a fight between Thor and Tony Stark. His shield stops Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, and the two allies form a truce. However, Cap, Hulk, and Thor’s relationships are marked by ups and downs. In the 2010 Siege mini-series, Asgard falls leaving Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man to transport to the Norse world Hel. After battling Thor’s sister, Hela, the three are once again united as friends.

Finally, in the 2012 Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, Captain America selects Thor to join the Avengers Unity Squad, an elite team comprised of both Avengers and X-Men. It’s obvious the two heroes have an on-again, off-again bromance going.


There are many appearances of Thunderstrike as Thor’s surrogate, but he first appears as Thor, and not a clone, on the cover of Thor #433. His time in this role was limited, however, as The Enchantress tricked him into attacking the real Thor. After Eric strikes Sif, Thor becomes angry and defeats him, taking back his Mjolnir. Odin then created a new character for Eric, called Thunderstrike.

Thunderstrike’s time in the comic world was also fairly brief. Eric believed the only way to defeat Seth, the Egyptian God of Death, would be to succumb to the curse of the Bloodaxe. After taking out Seth, The Avengers come for Thunderstrike and Thor is forced to confront his new foe. Thunderstrike is defetaed and sent to the afterlife by Odin.


In Thor, Thor battles Agent Coulson’s agents while trying to escape the S.H.I.E.L.D facility where he is being held. Hawkeye is watching from above and communicating Thor’s every move to Coulson. Just as he’s about to take aim at Thor, Hawkeye says over the radio, “You better call it Coulson, ‘case I’m starting to root for this guy”.

Thor finds Mojolnir nearby and Hawkeye says, “Last chance, sir,” just before Coulson calls off the hit. Hawkeye admires the fight Thor has inside him. Once Thor lifts the mysterious hammer that no one else was able to pick up, Coulson and Hawkeye realize they have a partner in their midst rather than an enemy.


Captain Britain is a relatively unknown Avenger, not yet appearing in any Marvel Studios TV shows or films. In the Excalibur comics first published in 1987, Captain Britain battled Thor, believing he was actually Juggernaut as Loki’s magic had warped his mind. Captain Britain soon realizes his error, and travels with Thor into another dimension to fight the real Juggernaut.

More interestingly, Captain Britain confronts Thor in a bar in the Thor: The Mighty Avenger storyline, telling the Norse God of Thunder “There’s something we need to clear up”. Thor responds with, “Outside? Oh yes”. However, it’s Thor who cleans Captain Britain’s clock, landing powerful punches with a thump.


Chris Hemsworth has been vocal about his desire to possibly add Spider-Man to a future Thor film, but so far the two characters’ interactions on screen have been limited. The comics, however, have several issues where the two friends battle together. In The All New Avengers #1, Steve Rogers assembles a new team, including the new Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, and Hawkeye. Together the new team fights Kang the Conquerer, who warns the team of their imminent demise at the hands of Ultron.

Thor and Spider-Man also team up with Daredevil to battle the Fantastic Four in Daredevil #38, Thor #150, and ending in Fantastic Four #7, where Thor takes on The Thing and Spider-Man combats Human Torch.


Thor throws his hammer at Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the young hero attempts to catch it in mid-air. Unfortunately, Mjolnir is too heavy for him to handle and it sends him flying off a catwalk. Thor sees the young hero as naïve and inexperienced.

Later, Quicksilver risks his life to stay behind to protect the key so that Ultron can’t get it before Thor and Iron Man have time to save the day. In The Mighty Avengers series, Quicksilver captures Loki and presses him to tell him where Wanda is. Thor arrives and attacks Quicksilver for the way he’s treating Loki. Thor wins the battle easily and Quicksilver is later turned into an ally.


Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen

The debate about who is the strongest Avenger usually boils down to Thor or Scarlet Witch. In Avengers: Infinity War, Scarlet Witch is in a serious romantic relationship with Vision, the being brought to life by Thor’s vision that the Infinity Stone would be needed to defeat Ultron. Through her connection with Vision, Scarlet Witch would undoubtedly be one of the Avengers Thor would give his life for.

When Captain America ordered everyone to leave the city before Thor and Iron Man destroyed the key, Scarlet Witch volunteered to stay behind to guard it from Ultron in the meantime. She risked her life for Thor and the Avengers as he is the one who brought Vision to life. Vision eventually becomes her partner which she’s grateful to Thor for.


In the 2010 Siege event series, The Sentry is ended by Thor but is later resurrected by the Apocalypse Twins. He attempts to avenge his original demise by attacking the Avengers and even capturing Thor, only to be thwarted by The Wasp.

Another battle between the two foes ensues in the What If? comic What If the Skrulls Succeeded In Their Secret Invasion?, where Thor overpowers Sentry and decides he is too dangerous to let live and Thor ends him. It’s hard to believe these guys fight on the same team, but there’s definitely a long history of bad blood between Thor and Sentry.

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