Avengers-themed apartment is Earth's Mightiest Fan Cave

There are numerous levels of comics fandom, ranging from the casual fan who picks up the occasional issue and watches the television shows and movies to the devotee, who tracks down entire runs of series and collects original art.

And then there's the level of fan who would have an entire apartment designed in an Avengers theme.

Courtesy of Singapore's Aboslook Interior Design comes this incredibly swanky -- and unashamedly nerdy -- that features an enormous illuminated S.H.I.E.L.D. logo in the living room, a mural of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the dining room (with an Avengers logo that cleverly disguises storage), a Hulk-dominated kitchen, and, perhaps appropriately enough, an Iron Man bedroom (Where else would you expect Tony Stark?).

Unfortunately, we're left wondering about the bathroom.

(via Nerd Approved)

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