Avengers: The Initiative #20

Story by
Art by
Steve Kurth, Drew Hennessy
Colors by
Matt Milla
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

The aftermath of "Secret Invasion" continues here as Camp Hammond is beset by mobs wanting the Initiaitve to go away. Inside the walls of Camp Hammond, however, pieces are being picked up and decisions are being made about the future.

Slott and Gage manage to cram enough plots and subplots in this issue to make the issue a lengthy read, feeling like it might be bordering on double-sized, except it isn't. Questions are answered and answers are questioned. We learn roughly when Hank was replaced. We see the continuing development of the odder-than-odd relationship between Pym and Jocasta. Slott and Gage even begin setting up pieces for other titles, like Ant-Man's reassignment to the Thunderbolts. Cameos from across Camp Hammond provide a nice overview of just how massive the Secret Invasion was and what type of footprint it left behind.

The art by Kurth has a photo-realism to it that just seems horribly displaced here on an Avengers title. Avengers art could be passingly gritty, but mostly it needs to be big and bold, bombastic and loud. That said, it is during the quiet moments that power this issue where Kurth's talent shines through with an almost Stephen Sadowski-like earnestness. In those moments, this style works.

Overall, stories are established in this issue that will not only fuel the adventures of the Avengers family of titles, but the Marvel Universe itself. After all, the reactivation of Clor by a Skrull sleeper code can't be a good thing, can it?

You can see some of Kurth's art in the CBR preview for this issue.

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