Jason Aaron Promises Avengers Will Change She-Hulk


Big changes are in store for the sensational She-Hulk. In an interview with CBR, incoming Avengers writer Jason Aaron promised that Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk, will undergo some changes in his upcoming run on Marvel's flagship superteam.

"I liked the idea of having a Hulk on the team, but I wasn’t interested in doing Banner again," Aaron explained, referring to his acclaimed run on Hulk in 2011. "I was very interested in Jennifer Walters though."

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"This will be a continuation of everything she’s been going through over the past couple years; spinning out of the pages of Civil War II and her solo series that picked up from that. This continues on from those stories, but it also takes her in a bit of a different direction and tries to do a Jennifer Walters Hulk that we haven’t seen before," he continued. "The events of this first arc will really change her. It changes what it means when she’s a Hulk, what she can do, what her powers and power levels are. I think that will be some fun stuff to play with going forward."

Prior to the announcement of his run on Avengers, Aaron included the character in this past October's Thor #700. The team book, kickstarting Marvel's Fresh Start publishing initiative, marks the fan-favorite writer's first major foray with Walters.

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Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema in 1980, She-Hulk is Bruce Banner's cousin. She gained her powers after receiving a life-saving blood transfusion from Banner. Since then, she has become a staple of the Marvel Universe, receiving her latest solo series in 2016 after the events of the crossover Civil War II that saw a more uncontrollable, traumatized version of the character. The series concluded in October.

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness' Avengers #1 goes on sale May 2.

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