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The Avengers: 15 Reasons They Terrify Us More Than Their Villains

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The Avengers: 15 Reasons They Terrify Us More Than Their Villains

Superheroes are just that. Heroes. They’re also designed to be the protectors of Earth and the innocent. Superman and Captain America are the ultimate boy scouts because their moral compass always points North — it never falters. Despite all of its flaws, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had an intriguing premise where these superheroes can’t be trusted to always do the right thing. So what happens when they go off book? These are gods in modern times with incredible powers and abilities and they should be kept in check and not given carte blanche.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is slightly less grim than DC’s cinematic universe, which is still in its infancy. We’re given these heroes that seem to have only Earth’s best interest at heart. They use their powers of flight, telekinetics, super strength, super speed, and so much more to keep the bad guys at bay. However, upon further examination, these people are truly frightening. They are capable of so much and we just assume they’re always going to be around to save the day. Do they have too much power? Should they be put on a leash? Civil War attempted this, but just take a look at our take on these so-called “superheroes”.


Hulk Avengers roaring

He’s a living, breathing, green monster that thrives on rage. It doesn’t help that Banner told us he’s angry all the time. Do you want to be on a team with someone with that much anger? We’re led to believe that he has it under control, but The Avengers tells a different story when he loses control on the Hellicarrier and tries to kill Black Widow.

So not only does his own team have to worry about him, but innocent civilians do too. Imagine he’s rescuing someone and they step on his toe by accident. Do they have to worry him ripping off their head in a fit of rage like a pitbull? Not to mention he’s a severe liability when going against someone with mind altering abilities. He might be their greatest weapon when it comes to brute strength, but he’s also a ticking time bomb.


Iron Man 3 Movie Poster

He’s turned over a new leaf since Iron Man and he’s developed tremendously as a character since then, too. He is, however, a mad scientist. He doesn’t worry about consequences when he’s tinkering or comes up with ideas. Captain America: Civil War tries to fool us into thinking he worries about consequences, but how long is that going to stick?

He created Ultron, believing it would make the world a better place. If that wasn’t enough, he technically created The Vision. Although he turned out to be on the good side, he could have just as easily turned out as bad as Ultron, maybe worse since he wields the Mind Stone. Tony grew up in a family of arms manufacturers — that kind of upbringing doesn’t just vanish. Maybe Tony should be left to tinkering with hot rods and nothing more.


vision in captain america: civil war

Is he a robot? An android? What’s the difference? How does he lower and increase his density at will? He literally wields an Infinity Stone and doesn’t know a thing about it. It’s one, if not the, most powerful object in the MCU and we’re just letting him zip around the world like it’s an aesthetic design? 

That’s just some food for thought. Just how much of Ultron’s consciousness slipped into Vision when Ultron was hooked up to the cradle? None that we can tell yet, but that sure would make an interesting plot point. All we’re saying is that Vision can’t be entirely trusted and if he ever decided to turn against the innocent, it might take more than The Avengers to take him down.



Before she was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. or an Avenger, she was a highly trained assassin with a dark past. Well, she still has a dark past, but she’s less assassin-y these days. Ever see what happened to Theon on Game of Thrones? Natasha Romanoff went through similar treatment in the sense that she was brutally traumatized as a child.

To avoid any distraction and to further remove them from having any kind of emotion, the Red Room sterilized her so she couldn’t have kids. She’s a living, breathing weapon with only one or two rocks to keep her grounded in her life. One of those rocks is large, mean and green. She can kill a Navy SEAL with a napkin in 15 different ways. Or so we’ve heard. Either way, it’s enough to intimidate the average Joe.



Clint Barton is surgical with a bow and arrow. His aim is exquisite no matter the weapon he’s using, so imagine what he could accomplish with a sniper rifle. Arrows are much slower than bullets and the fight at the airport could have ended differently had he been using a gun with the right kind of ammo. It’s really a handicap he gives himself because he’s aware of the destruction he’s capable of.

If you remember his brief cameo in Thor, he first reached for a rifle before deciding on a quiver of arrows and a bow. This was a moment that he decided to be less than lethal. On top of his impeccable aim, he’s learned a lot from Fury when it comes to being prepared for anything. Remember when he set traps for Vision when rescuing Scarlet Witch?



This is a walking, mind altering weapon. She could single-handedly take out the Avengers if she wanted. She nearly did it once before in Age of Ultron. Luckily Hawkeye was there to stop it. Then there’s the incident in Lagos when she unwittingly killed a handful of Wakandan diplomats. She’s young and untrained with world-bending powers at her fingertips.

No one is sure about the extent of her powers because they haven’t been fully defined. She kind manipulate the mind, control things telekinetically, and contain explosions in a bubble of energy. Probably more that we won’t see until Infinity War. She was once against Stark and the Avengers because she held Stark personally responsible for her family’s death. Then she had the United States of America against her in Civil War. It’s surprising she didn’t go against everyone at that moment.


falcon guns

Birds are creepy. They’re evolved dinosaurs and we should all be terrified of them. It’s only a matter of time before they turn against us all. So when a trained soldier comes flying at you with a jetpack and guns, dressed as a falcon, run. Now that we confronted our Ornithophobia, we can move onto what really makes this Avenger scary. He follows Captain America around like he can’t do any wrong.

He helped find Cap’s friend that tried to kill him, and they didn’t search for him in order to arrest him. No, they wanted to help him. It seems like whenever Cap has an idea, Falcon doesn’t give much critical advice. He kind of goes with the flow, which is not what makes someone a good friend. Unlike Tony, Sam leaves Captain America completely unchecked. We should demand better from our Avengers.


Yes, yes, the star-spangled Avenger is a danger to the world. And not in a Hyrda Cap kind of way. Despite him being a fan favorite and the sentinel of liberty, he clearly has no regard for the law. It might have started out with him abiding by the laws of the land, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Sure, extenuating circumstances and all that.

Someone fighting for the innocent and setting an example for the world should probably listen to his own government. He follows his emotions instead, which could become a problem when he doesn’t agree — think Civil War. When he was given an ultimatum, he chose the option that would send him to jail. Not to mention he broke his friends out of prison because he didn’t agree with the law. None of this sounds like a role model.


Thor Chris Hemsworth Dark World

Secretary of State Ross said it best when he compared Thor to a nuclear warhead in Civil War. And he wasn’t too far off base because Thor can literally control lightning and match Hulk blow-for-blow in a fist fight. Not to mention he can traverse the galaxy via the Bifrost. Possibly the scariest thing about Thor is the fact that he can bring an entire army of gods with him if he needed it.

And if not an army, he still has the Warriors Three and Lady Sif who have earned a name for themselves because of all their successes on the battlefield. Then there is Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. Only Thor can lift it and call it from great distances, but even without his hammer we’ve seen him cause a great amount of destruction. After all, it’s not the hammer that makes the man.



Another coin with two sides on the Avengers team. Just as Bruce has Hulk, Tony has the Iron Man armor. A suit of armor that has a miniature nuclear reactor implanted into the chest. Then there’s the repulsor technology in the gauntlets and boots. The science behind this is a little unclear, but they’re capable of causing immense damage and melting vibranium as seen in Age of Ultron.

He even overheated a vibranium core on Ultron’s self-made meteor. And we don’t necessarily have to be talking about the regular Iron Man suit. There are hundreds of suits, one of which is Veronica, or the Hulkbuster. It’s a mechanized version of the Hulk capable of more destruction thanks to the superior technology. If anyone were to successfully replicate Tony’s technology, the world would be in an immeasurable amount of trouble.


War Machine flying

Rhodey’s suit of armor differs from Tony’s in several ways. One of which is that it is covered from head-to-toe in artillery. He has a minigun mounted on his shoulder, missiles in the gauntlets, wrist-mounted machine guns and who knows what else, where else. The suit increases his normal strength tenfold, and we learn this in Age of Ultron when he continuously tells a story about him lifting a tank and dropping it on someone’s front door. He. Lifted. A. Tank.

And there isn’t another piece of equipment like this in the United States military. Save for Iron Man, Rhodey is the only pilot with power armor. It’s a wonder the military hasn’t successfully duplicated the War Machine armor yet to make an entire fleet of them. They would be unstoppable overseas.



We might have covered the Hulk already, but that’s only one half of the same coin. On the flipside we have Bruce Banner; super genius that helped create Ultron and is also a major pushover. He’s easily manipulated, and if mental games fail he can easily be threatened with physical pain by someone without a moral compass. He’d give in too.

We saw the way Tony treated him in Age of Ultron and Banner went along with his plans, despite thinking it was a bad idea. Bruce likes to give off the impression that he can handle himself when he’s not hulked out, but he’s really just compensating for all of his shortcomings. Look how trusting he was of “Mr. Blue” from The Incredible Hulk. He sent him an entire supply of blood. This was somebody that Bruce had never met. He’s trusting to a fault.


thor and loki 2011

We talked about Thor’s immense power he wields, but we didn’t even mention the little blind spot he has for his adopted brother Loki? Thor is always pulling his punches when it comes time to fight Loki, and thinking he can redeem his Frost Giant of a brother continues putting the universe in more trouble than it’s worth. At what point is enough enough and he finally puts Loki down for good.

He’s literally known as the trickster god and we’re going to keep trusting him to help out without receiving anything in return. If the first Thor movie wasn’t proof enough, Loki always has ulterior motives and seeks to position himself in a place of power. One would think imitating their father Odin to rule over Asgard would be the final straw, but from the Thor: Ragnarok trailers, they’re working together once again.



In particular, we’re talking about Hawkeye (although Black Widow certainly fits the bill). He worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. which is a spy agency, so it’s understandable that he would be good at lying. But it seems his poker face has gotten as good as Fury’s because he managed to keep an entire family secret.

He has one minor slip-up that no one caught when he said he didn’t have a girlfriend in Age of Ultron, then a few scenes later he says he was on the phone with a girlfriend, but that could’ve just been his sense of humor shining through. At the very least is doesn’t trust this team of superheroes he’s a part of because he could have told them about his family. They are, after all, saving the world together. Then again, it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want someone like Tony Stark to know.


He’s the reason this team is together in the first place, the man whose secrets has secrets. He has a history that we only know a fraction of, and most of it sounds pretty dangerous. Nick Fury is a man you want on your team because he’s resourceful, cunning and manipulative. Worst of all, he has no regard for authority. He’s become too accustomed to being in charge that when he has a superior, he’s quick to dismiss their orders.

Sure, we know he’s usually in the right because as the audience, we’re given that information. Fury is running purely off instinct which leaves a possible large margin for error. Then there’s Fury’s great idea to create weapons out of energy from the Tesseract because war is always on this man’s mind. Not too far from what the Red Skull was doing in World War II.

What scares you the most about the Avengers? Let us know in the comments!

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