<i>Avengers</i>, Not <i>Dark Knight Rises</i>, Is Most-Anticipated Summer Movie

Amid indications that The Avengers could open next month to The Hunger Games-sized numbers -- north of $150 million -- a new survey finds it's the most-anticipated summer movie, beating out The Dark Knight Rises.

According to a poll of moviegoers conducted by Fandango, 31 percent of men and 16 percent of women placed the Marvel action-adventure at the top of their can't-miss list of summer releases. While The Avengers was the most anticipated film for men, it was edged out among women by Universal Pictures' Snow White and the Huntsman. Coincidentally, both star a certain Australian actor.

"As our survey indicates, all eyes will be on Chris Hemsworth," Fandango Editor-in-Chief Chuck Walton said in a statement. "The Australian heartthrob, who stars as Thor in The Avengers, and as the male lead in Snow White and the Huntsman, sits atop both the men's and women's ‘Most Anticipated' lists."

The Dark Knight Rises, the final installment in director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, came in second among men (23 percent), and fourth among women (10 percent).

Here are the Top 5 lists for men and women:

Men’s picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie1. The Avengers -- 31%2. The Dark Knight Rises -- 23%3. The Bourne Legacy -- 14%4. Men in Black 3 -- 8%5. Prometheus -- 7%

Women’s picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie1. Snow White and the Huntsman -- 22%2. The Avengers -- 16%3. Men in Black 3 -- 13%4. The Dark Knight Rises -- 10%5. Dark Shadows -- 8%

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